《HealthIT News》Taiwan at the heart of digital transformation and innovation in APAC


Source: HealthcareIT News

The country has been a model health system and a hub for medical innovation globally.

COVID-19 placed an unprecedented strain on the entire global health ecosystem. Health systems worldwide had to deal with immense pressures – increased hospitalisations, lockdowns, logistical woes, and workforce shortages. 

Countries around the world are also still contending with the problems they faced before the pandemic: increased life expectancy, an ageing population, and evolving patient demands. People living in Asia-Pacific, for example, have been estimated to live up to the age of 74; by 2050, one in four people in the region will be over the age of 60. 

By pivoting to digitally enabled care models, health systems have been able to address many of these problems, be it through improving patient outcomes, enhancing operational efficiencies, or reducing costs.

A hub for world-class care and medical innovation

There are a number of inspiring digital transformation stories in healthcare in the APAC region. Among them is Taiwan, which as a nation has been an exemplary health system. Evidence of this can be seen through its attainment of Stage 7 for the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) last year. One of its hospitals, Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, also achieved Stage 6 EMRAM early this year. 

In addition to high-quality healthcare, Taiwan is also a hub for medical innovation. With significant investment into the biomedical industry, it has not only attracted global health tech players such as Illumina, Roche, and Varian to set up operations in the country, but it has also enabled the development and growth of homegrown digital health solutions in the fields of semiconductor, display, and computer that have a competitive advantage in 5G communication, AI, telehealth and remote patient monitoring. 

Building a robust digital health ecosystem 

This year, the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry is bringing together hospitals, technology companies, industry associations, and healthcare professionals around the world to Taiwan with the aim of building a global ecosystem for healthcare digital transformation.

Since it launched in 2017, the Healthcare+ Expo has been a springboard for businesses in healthcare to expand in APAC markets, alongside being a hotbed for building partnerships. Last year, it attracted over 180,000 visitors, 600 exhibitors, and 30 industry associations and trade delegations in the healthcare and biomedical industries, as well as in the IT/ICT, semiconductor, and electronics sectors, to accelerate digital transformation in healthcare. 

The 2022 Healthcare+ Expo will be attended by senior hospital executives, leading APAC trade and industry associations, ICT giants like Acer, Asus, Advantech, BenQ, Foxconn, Quanta, Wistron and multinational firms, including Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Oracle, and Dell.

Take the first step to digital health transformation and connect with leading technology suppliers at the 2022 Healthcare+ Expo, happening on 1-4 December in Taipei, Taiwan. Interested visitors can register here

The in-person trade event also has its digital extension, the Healthcare+ B2B, an online platform where buyers and suppliers connect for medical products. It runs year-long from 1 August to 31 July 2023. Apply as an exhibitor on Healthcare+ B2B here.