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Braster S.A.

Our mission is to create a healthier world. We want to achieve this by reaching women around the world and providing them with the opportunity to perform a non-invasive, inexpensive and reliable breast examination. Our device is available for home use as well as for professional use. It is an innovative method of prophylactic breast examination which complements standard ultrasound and mammography scans.

BriteMED Technology

BriteMED is manufacturing and marketing medical devices and electronic medical solutions that improve patient care, covering 12-lead ECG, medical monitor, medical all-in-one, medical workstation, and telehealth workstations.


AVS® AI-based verification system provides verification solution for medical electrical equipment including 12 lead ECG, patient monitors, ECG wearables and oximeters etc. For manufacturers, 3rd party testing labs or hospitals, conventional testing/verification methods of the above-mentioned devices rely on huge manual operation and judgment and this triggers quality and correctness concerns. Accordingly, BROADSIMS Inc. creates an AI-based verification system AVS® to perform screen and image recognition, transferring manual work to full automation. AVS compares test results with regulation and standards (e.g. IEC, YY, JJG) and generates electronic reports automatically, then reports are all stored in a database. Whole process saves time and complies with medical regulation.


Electric massage table

Carving Energy Control Co.,Ltd.

EECPEnhanced External Counterpulsation system is a non-invasive medical device.
Apply positive or negative pressure to one or more of the limbs of the body in sync with the heart circulation to aid the beating of the heart.The aim is to synchronize the inflatable/deflated sequence with the patient's heart cycle.It is expected to increase the development of the lateral branch circulation of the coronary artery, and reduce the workload of the heart, to increase the aortic pressure during the diastrem.

The system controls the airbags synchronously through the electrocardiogram signal.
Press on the calves, thighs, and hips in sequence. By increasing the development of the coronary artery lateral branch circulation and reduce the workload of the heart.
to improve the blood supply of ischemic tissue in the upper body (heart, brain, kidney, etc.).

Clinically used in the treatment of the following cardiac ischemic diseases:
1. Stable or unstable angina pectoris
2. congestive heart failure
3. acute myocardial infraction
4. cardiogenic shock

Catcher Technology

medical software&hardware

Cathay General Hospital

Cathay General Hospital

Cathay Life Insurance Co.,Ltd.

Cathay Life Insurance Company is building the health ecosystem with advanced health plan, Cathay Walker Plus. The health promotion platform is full of activities and gains corresponding special rewards. It is time for you to achieve the daily goal, increase the membership level, and get the rich package in your own health ecosystem.
【Daily Goal Plus】
You can join multiple healthy goals inclusive of walking, aerobics, working out and sleeping. Stay healthy can be very easy.
【Membership Level Plus】
Every goal with different experiences leads to higher membership levels, and the following rewards and tree points are on your way to health.
【Bonus Plus】
We expand our bonuses to gyms, nutrition consulting, healthy diets, wearable device, stress relieving, and sports goods. Enjoy all the benefits at one time!

Centennial Medical Photonics Device Co., Ltd.

We specialize in the development of advanced medical devices

Center for Genomic Medicine, National Cheng Kung University

The advanced maternal age leads to an increased risk of high-risk pregnancy complications, and the increased incidence of low birth weight, chromosomal abnormalities or other congenital defects. Therefore, prenatal genetic diagnosis is important. The main purpose of Center for Genomic Medicine, National Cheng Kung University was to launch high-quality prenatal maternal and child testing. The providing testing includes carrier screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, pre-implantation genetic screening, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, pregnancy-related gene testing and customized genetic testing. Our goal is \\\"professionalism, excellence, precision and innovation\\\". In this spirit, we provide high-quality genetic technical support, and consultation, hoping to become a new benchmark for prenatal testing and making pre-pregnancy/pre-natal genetic testing more popular, so that every family who wants to have a healthy baby can make their dreams come true.