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Qing Sheng Health Management Consultant Co. Ltd.


Based on our parent company- YAOI’s extensive 47 years + experience in extruding monofilament, in 2014 QSHION adopts Japanese technology to form complex 4-dimensional structures with elastic polyolefin fibers which provide ideal ventilation. Owing to its excellent specialty of breathable and washable, QSHION is widely used in various products in our daily life such as mattress, pillow, and cushion etc. QSHION’s 4D Hyperatmos Fiber Allows airflow to keep your body cool and comfortable, also helps body heat and moisture escape easily.

QT Medical, Inc., Taiwan Branch

PCA 500 The world’s most user-friendly 12-lead ECG system ! The PCA 500 is an entire ECG solution that simplifies and streamlines the 12-lead ECG testing. It is hospital grade, yet easy to use. With seamless integration of state-of-the-art technologies: a super-compact recorder weights only 67g, patented prepositioned electrode strips, user-friendly apps for mobile devices, and HIPAA-compliant cloud, a hospital-quality 12-lead ECG can be completed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. PCA500 provides efficiency, accuracy, consistency, sanitation and better workflow, and makes 12-lead resting ECG testing accessible. It is cleared by the FDA, TFDA, and CE mark , perfect for telemedicine, ER, EMS , CRO, nursing home and remote patient monitoring.

Quanta Computer Inc.

AI Cloud for Medical Care(QOCA aim) AI Platform for Telemedicine(QOCA atm) AI Patient Care(QOCA apc)

Quark Biosciences, Inc.

Quark Biosciences has developed an innovative diagnostics platform for clinical testing, NextAmp™ Analysis System, which is built for ease of use, speed and decentralized distribution, while still being capable of performing highly complex multi-biomarker analysis. Coupled with our comprehensive genomic database, we are developing first-in-class tests in the precision oncology and fertility treatment markets.