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Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology


Kubin lnternatlonal co ltd

Far infrared products Auto Focus Presbyopia Glasses


Landseed sports medicine

Laurel Enterprises Corporation

There are three highlights we are going to represent in Healthcare EXPO 2022. The first one is the combination of the Health API from Garmin® and Laurel NutriLab’s Line@ platform. This new technology integrates the Garmin Health API, including fitness, biometrics and activity data with lifestyle and body information obtained by questionnaires from NutriLab’s Line@. With this newly achievement, users can plan their daily diet according to their personal goal, whether cooking themselves or eating out.
Second, the initial results of dietary researches will be displayed, which are (1) The impact of adequate protein intake and exercise training on body composition; (2) The relation between different portion of protein intake and the risk of sarcopenia in vegetarian.

Third, the latest products, Nutri-Extract, will be represented. Nutri-Extract is rich in BCAA and chicken peptides that could be a daily healthy energy booster. This product enables customers to achieve their diet goal more easily without losing the delicate taste in daily meals.

LINberg Health Enterprise Co., Ltd

Premium Fermented Black Soy Peptides

Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd.

Orient Euro Pharma is committed to health care for all age groups, from high-quality medicines, and infant foods to adult health care and skin care products, providing lifelong and lifelong care services. Especially in the field of ageless health, it has gathered many professional leaders to jointly develop products, so that more people can pre-exist health, healthy aging, and have a better quality of life.

Promedical Co. Ltd

Lifelong Gym


Based on our parent company- YAOI’s extensive 47 years + experience in extruding monofilament, in 2014 QSHION adopts Japanese technology to form complex 4-dimensional structures with elastic polyolefin fibers which provide ideal ventilation. Owing to its excellent specialty of breathable and washable, QSHION is widely used in various products in our daily life such as mattress, pillow, and cushion etc. QSHION’s 4D Hyperatmos Fiber Allows airflow to keep your body cool and comfortable, also helps body heat and moisture escape easily.


KUHN RIKON pressure cooker, can easily make 100% pure chicken essence with excellent taste. The condensed chicken essence accessories have a water trap design, the water vapor will not return to the chicken essence, and the chicken essence will be diluted into chicken soup, so the effect of supplementing nutrition is excellent.