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RFID Guider Technology Co.,Ltd.

(1)wearable tech
(2)innovative medical instruments
(3)AI precision health applications

Sandalphon International Inc.

FocuSleep includes the exclusive innovation frequency chip, which assists people to concentrate by inducing brain waves. Based on Schumann resonance, we use physical resonance to stable brain waves and then promote the optimization of the memory system. At night, the sleep mode will turn short-term memory into long-term memory, while in the deep sleep period the brain will completely repair.

Sheng Hong Co.Led

Hanna far-infrared series productshamna potential therapy mattress, Khanma fullerene germanium-titanium therapeutic blanket, Khanma far-infrared therapeutic apparatus, graphene waist support, knee pads, eye mask, health food EZ GABA nerve pressure relief capsule, CCS optic nerve, elite NMN...etc

Strong Feet

The new concept of health care developed in the new century, the necessary health care products for everyone from the old to the young, provides the concept of preventive medical for all ethnic groups. Healthy insoles and far-infrared energy products can improve people's feet due to lack of support, resulting in physical imbalance, long-term labor, exercise, and fatigue caused by poor body circulation. It maintain the health of your foot and body, improve poor posture and the troubles derived from poor circulation.


Chao Qin rou pin, the series of ageless product, which is all age friendly. Moreover, they were named the elderly friendly product by the Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, and the clean label by the China Grain Research and Development Institute.

Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital (Managed by Taipei Veterans General Hospital)

Ageless and Livable Gan-Dau: Community of Technology and Humanity via iHARP (innovative, intelligent, individualized Healthy Aging & Rejuvenation Platform)

Taipei Veterans General Hospital Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology


Taipei Veterans General Hospital Suao &Yuanshan brauches

Yuanshan Branch, Taipei Veterans General Hospital affiliated nursing home day care center opened on December 21, 2016. It is a home-style and single-family building located on the first floor of the campus. It has a spacious space, fresh air and bright lighting. It can be used for medical treatment nearby without interfering with each other. Equipped with elder friendly equipment, courses are designed according to the functional level of the elders, and diversified teaching materials are used for them to freely choose to participate in group activities or to be alone in a quiet and comfortable space according to their interests and preferences. Actively cooperate with the government to promote the long-term care 2.0 policy, refer to the United States' Program of All inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), provide team-wide, full-course, all-round, continuous personalized health management and care, and assist in the integration of care resources. The joint promotion includes: health and physical fitness, cognitive activities, diet consultation, cancer screening, influenza vaccination and emergency medicine, outpatient medical treatment, rehabilitation, short-term breaks, hospice care, and home care which are one of our institutional care services. To create a golden combination of medical care, long-term care and community, through the green channel, for which decline disability, reduction level of dementia and aging in place are our aims.

Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association

Nonwoven Fabrics and relative products