Committee Organization
Jin-Pyng Wang / Chairman , Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy (RBMP)
Jia-chyuan Su/President, Legislative Yuan
President of the General Assembly
Yu Shyi-Kun, Legislative Yuan
Chair of International Co-operation Committee
Shih-Chung Chen/ Minister, Ministry of Health and Welfare
Chen Chi-Chung / Minister, Council of Agriculture
Jong-Chin Shen/ Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Liang-Gee Chen/ Minister,Ministry of Science and Technology
Ke Wenzhe/Mayor,
Taipei city Government
Medical Promotion Committee Convener
	Wei-Chao Chen/Honorary Chairperson, Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI)
Industry Promotion Committee Convener
	Pan-Chyr Yang /Academician, Academia Sinica
Medical Advisory Committee
Aij-Lie Kwan/Chairwoman,Taiwan Neurosurgical Society.
Chao-Long Chen/Honarary Superintendent, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
Cheng-Chieh Lin/Vice-President,China Medical University.
Chien-Huang Lin/President, Taipei Medical University.
Chien-Ning Huang/Superintendent, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital.
Chien-Sung,Tsai/ Superintendent, Tri-Service General Hospital.
Chien-Tzung Chen/ Superintendent, Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
Chih-Chi Wang/ Superintendent, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
Chin-Lon Lin/ CEO, Tzu Chi Medical Mission
Chung-Ching Chio/ Superintendent, Chi Mei Hospital.
Chung-Liang Shih/ Director-General, Department of Medical Affairs.
Chung-Yi Hsu/ Board Member, China Medical University.
Chun-Peng Liu/ Superintendent, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital.
Chun-Pin Lin/ South East Asia Presdent, International Association for Dental Research.
Chyong-Huey Lai/ Vice Superintendent, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
Chyun-Yu Yang/ Superintendent, National Cheng Kung University Hospital.
Deh-Ming Chang/ Superintendent, Taipei Veterans General Hospital.
Fang-Yue Lin/ president, Far Eastern Mermorial Hospital.
Fa-Kung Lee/ Superintendent, Cathay General Hospital.
Fu-Chuan Wei/ Academician, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
Hong-Nerng Ho/ Chief Medical University.
Jaung-Geng Lin/ Lecturing Professor, China Medical University.
Jiann-Thorng Chen/ Director General,Ministry of National Defense-Medical Affairs Bureau.
King-Jen Chang/ Chief Consultant, Taiwan Adventist Hospital.
Kun-San Chao/ Chairman, Taiwan Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.
Liang-Kung Chen/ Chairman, Taiwan Assciation of Integrated Care.
Meng-Chih Lee/ Superintendent, Taichung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Ming-Feng Hou/ Superintenden, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital.
Ming-Fong Chen/ General CEO, China Medical University.
Ming-Shiang Wu/ Chairman, The Gastroenterological Society of Taiwan.
Nai-Hung Wang/ Superintendent, Kuang Tien General Hospital.
Pei-Yuan Lee/ Superintendent, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital.
Pi-Sheng Wang/ CEO, Hospital snd Social Welfare Organizations Administration Commission, MOHW.
Shan-Chwen Chang/ President, Taiwan Society of Internal Medicine.
Sheng-Jean Huang/ Superintendent, Taipei City Hospital.
Sheng-Mao Hou/ Superintendent, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital.
Shih-Ann Chen/ Vice Superintendent, Taipei Veterans General Hospital.
Shinn-Zong Lin/ Superintendent, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation.
Shou-Jen Kuo/ Superintendent, Changhua Christian Hospital.
Shyr-Chyr Chen/ Superintendent, Taiwan University Hospital.
Tai-Yuan Chiu/ President, Taiwan Medical Association.
Tsung-Hsi Wang/ Executive Director of Health Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representive Office in the United States.
Tzen-Wen Chen/ Superintendent, Wei Gong Memorial Hospital.
Tzu-Jen Hung/ Vice-President, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital.
Tzung-Dau Wang/ Chairman, Taiwan Hypertension Society.
Victor Chang/ Superintendent, Landseed International Hospital.
Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu/ Superintendent, Taichung Veterans General Hospital
Wei-Jen Yao/ Superintendent, Chia-Yi Christian Hospital.
wen-Chang Chang/ Prsident, Taipei Medical University.
Wen-Jin Cherng/ Superintendent, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
Wui-Chiang Lee/ Secretary General, Taiwan Global Healthcare Association.
Yang-Chih Shih/ Senior Technical Director, Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Yen-Chuan Ou/ Vice, President, Tung's Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital.
Yuan-Kun Tu/ Superintendent, E-Da Hospital.
Yu-Chuan Li,Dean/ College of Medical Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University.
Yuh-Jyh Jong/ President, Kaohsiung Medical University.
Yu-Mei Chang/ President, Ten-Chen Medical Group.
Yun Yen/ Professor, Taipei Medical University.