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A. R. Medicom Inc. (Taiwan) Ltd.

The Medicom Group is a global healthcare company dedicated to enhancing, manufacturing, and distributing infection control, single-use, and preventive products.

In light of COVID-19 global pandemic, Medicom would like to showcase our infection control range of products and wish every party to join force to overcome this pandemic safely.

Products displayed:
- Medical face masks (Adults, Kids, Earloop and Tie-on Masks)
- Gloves (Latex, Nitrile Examinaion Gloves)
- Sterilization products (Self-sealing pouches; reels; Tyvek)
- Apparel (Isolation gowns)
- Cleaning and disinfection series

A.Menarini Singapore Pte. Ltd., Taiwan Branch

Skin related products:
1. Labxiten tablets 20 mg: relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis and chronic urticaria.
2. Atopiclair Cream & Lotion : skin moisturizer, moisturizing, alleviating itching and building skin barrier function.
3. Sebclair Cream : emollient and moisturizing functions.
4. Papulex Oil-free cream & cleansing gel: balance oil, skin care.

Abbott Laboratories Services LLC Taiwan Branch


AcadeMab Biomedical Co., Ltd.

AcadeMab Biomedical Co., Ltd., team members specialize in protein drugs, especially anti-cancer antibody drug development platforms and technologies. Our company can independently develop antibodies or provide high-quality, competitive products required by domestic and foreign protein-drug and antibody development companies. Our goal is to become a world-class new antibody drug research and development company. The foundation of AcadeMab Biomedical is its antibody development technology platforms, which include a phage-display fully human antibody library and human antibody-producing transgenic mice. These platforms can be applied to develop antibody products and optimize antibody drugs, including both novel and humanized antibodies. Among the antibody products that we have developed, our humanized anti-EpCAM antibody (hEpAb2-6) shows excellent anti-tumor potential and is well-positioned in terms of worldwide patent protections. The target of this drug, EpCAM, is highly expressed on the surface of solid tumor cells. Importantly, the hEpAb2-6 product is the only anti-EpCAM antibody in the world able to directly induce apoptosis in cancer cells.

Academia Sinica

The exhibition of the Academia Sinica (AS) and National Biotechnology Research Park(NBRP) includes various technical patents and technology transfer contents in AS and various customized service platforms of NBRP, like Taiwan Mouse Clinics, high-end biochemical instruments, Drug synthesis, human therapeutic antibody research and development platform, Taiwan Human Biodatabase, RNA technology platform and gene manipulation, antibody production, drug analysis equipment, etc. There will be also showing R&D technologies and achievements of the manufacturers stationed in the NBRP.

Academia Sinica/ Amptide Technology

Products using anti-microbial peptide technology for human and pet skin care

Academia Sinica/ Chung-Yen Lin Group

We developed the Docker-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) which can be deployed on various cloud services even local machine and NAS with the low cost and less labor-intensive. This work will help research community on supporting interventions, sharing information, re-organizing knowledge, and manifesting actual laboratory works without the limitation of device, time and space. Download URL: https://hub.docker.com/r/lsbnb/eln/.

Academia Sinica/National Biotechnology Research Park

Biotechnology is a knowledge-intensive industry that requires coordination of human resources, technology, domestic and international law, and capital. When these components are effectively managed and integrated, long-term research endeavors may produce products with high economic value. To stimulate and promote valuable and effective biotechnology research, Academia Sinica, in concordance with governmental development policy, has constructed the National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) in Nangang, Taipei; opened in October 2018.

Acer Healthcare Incorporated

Acer has developed the medical and healthcare AI for a while; we will showcase the new products and technologies: VeriSee DR, FaceInfo, Angiography, Behavior and Emotion detection, Telemedicine.

ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Collagen Matrix/Collagen Bone Graft/Collagen Dental Bone Graft/Collagen Membrane/Collagen Ophthalmic Matrix/Collagen Cartilage Graft/Collagen Dermal Filler/Scar Spray/Scar Gel/Scar Care Dressing/External Aesthetic Restoration Prothesis/Miracle Spring Soothing Spray/ ACRODERM Skin Care Series
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Patents/ products/ Technology Transfer
2. R & D cooperation and Investment Cooperation
3. CRO/CMO/CDMO/ODM/OEM Consignment service