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Quanta QOCA Smart Applications Platform Provides the Complete Hospital & Health Solution


As one of the largest laptop computer OEMs in the world, Quanta Computer has 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry. With smart healthcare and remote long-term care garnering the world's attention, Quanta has also extended into the medical industry. Quanta has moved into smart healthcare and medical IoT in recent years with the QOCA platform based on the QMULUS® technology to introduce several health care systems and solutions.


Following last year's success at MEDICA 2017 in Germany with the Smart Healthcare System, Quanta's accomplishments in smart hospitals and remote long-term care will be demonstrated at this year's Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo. In medical IoT, the focus of attention will be on AR integration and optimization of software system functions. The products that won the Red Dot Design Award will also take the stage.


The QOCA platform series of products integrates several smart technologies including cloud computing, big data, and IoT. Its disruptive technology is QMULUS® has broken the conventional user barrier so that data structures are no longer confined to a single terminal. Customized smart service can be achieved with a virtual information technology environment that can be created for each user on PCs, smartphones, tablets, or other IoT monitoring devices through private cloud computing and management. Currently, the smart hospital and remote homecare system have been developed as part of the Smart Healthcare project, providing the patient, family members, and doctors with a comprehensive solution.


The QOCA® Smart Hospital Solution - Modules of the series string together the smart patient terminal (QOCA® SPT), the smart bedside card (QOCA® SBC), and the smart whiteboard (QOCA® SWB) to provide healthcare staff with a mobile nursing record. The solution also includes hospital system planning, simplification of healthcare procedures, reduction of healthcare workload, and personalized services for patients and family members. The solution has been adopted by a 2200-bed medical center in China, providing real-time communication, clear view of patient treatment information, and improved patient satisfaction since its implementation.


QOCA®Home - A cloud-based home telecare service solution provided for the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, or patients at home after surgery. From the remote Health Center, the caregiver can help with care record management, provide a personalized care plan, help elderly users with health data measurements and medication management, and provide remote video consultation. Through big data analysis in the cloud, the system can provide early warnings and recommendations for healthcare management.


The QOCA Platform Continues Innovative Cooperation to Provide Flexible Customized Solutions


Quanta continuously establishes interdisciplinary collaboration models with academic institutes, clinics, and hospitals. With no restriction on project size, academic institutions can test their new product design concepts on Quanta's QOCA platform. A complete and flexible software-hardware integrated solution can then be provided by Quanta to help maximize possibilities. In the future, Quanta will continue to build on the smart healthcare cloud, integrate medical AI into the platform to increase performance, and integrate the real and the virtual product applications to satisfy the needs of different regional markets.


(Editing by Jim Shih, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)