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Novel Robotic Endoscope Holder with Automatic Tracking Technology Provides Precise Real-time View for Surgeons


Hiwin is one of the top 3 manufacturers of ball screws and linear guideways in the world. Building upon its core transmission technology and precision manufacturing, Hiwin has expanded into automated robotic R&D and manufacturing and has obtained multiple patents in robot design and control. Currently, the group is venturing into the R&D and manufacturing of smart healthcare and minimally invasive medical devices, with the main products being medical assistive robots for minimally invasive surgery, rehabilitation medicine, and long-term care designed for different diseases, applications, and parts of the body.


Continuing its development of devices for minimally invasive abdominal surgery, Hiwin plans to announce a new generation of robotic endoscope holder at the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo this year. The holder integrates advanced instrument tracking systems and can be used with 3D endoscopes. The instrument tracking system uses imaging technology to sense the location of the instruments in the hands of the surgeon to allow the endoscope field of view to move with the instrument in real-time. The system offers a more intuitive operating mode with better precision than the joystick and pedal control scheme while allowing the surgeon to focus on operating the instruments rather than spending effort on controlling the endoscope. Aside from the product mentioned above, several other innovative products will be announced before the end of the year.


Hiwin has three major medical devices on the market that have been adopted by many hospitals and long-term care facilities. These products will be pitched to hospitals around the world, with an emphasis on the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets.

MTG-H100 Robotic Endoscope Holder

Unlike the Da Vinci system, the MTG-H100 can be installed on the operating table or trolley and is compatible with endoscopes from every manufacturer on the market. The design concept centers around the surgeon, with machines in auxiliary roles. The product simulates the multi-axis joint of the human to provide the greatest range of motion during surgery. The holder has been tested in all positions that may be used during a laparoscopic surgery and features a remote center of motion, about which point the endoscope moves around, preventing the surgical incision from increasing in size during the surgery and thereby improving the safety and precision. The product is currently being used in laparoscopic surgery training at a medical center in Taiwan and is being promoted in Southeast Asia.


MRG-P100- Robotic Gait Training System

It is the smallest gait trainer on the market that is also the fastest and easiest to operate. During the development stage, the trainer was tested in collaboration with medical centers around the world and used by over 4,000 patients. Their experience has proven that early intervention with the trainer can help patients who suffer from stroke and muscular-skeletal diseases as well as those of other nervous system disorders regain their stamina and recover basic motor control. The system can provide intelligent monitoring of physiological parameters such as heart rate and breathing in real-time. Customized rehabilitation plans for patients of different motor conditions can be designed to provide a safe and effective gait rehabilitation solution.



Main Product Category Feature Adopters

Robotic Endoscope Holder

minimally invasive surgery The robotic arm holds the endoscope to provide a stable image, improving the quality and efficiency of operations Hospitals in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong
Robotic Gait Training System rehabilitation medicine Allows the patient to practice standing and walking for early intervention during the best rehabilitation window Hospitals in Taiwan, Turkey, etc.
Hygiene System long-term care Allows patients with severe conditions to bathe and feel clean. The system allows easy independent operation and patient transfer by the caretaker Hospice wards in hospitals and nursing homes in Taiwan


(Editing by Jim Shih, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)