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CSMUH's Innovative Electronic Patient Record Revolutionizes Hospital Process



Chung Shan Medical University Hospital began introducing electronic patient records 9 years ago. Warmth and humanity were injected into this marriage of information technology and medicine resulting in a patient-centric electronic patient record. An innovative smart patient record for teaching was also introduced. The database and system process has been standardized at CSMUH across the outpatient clinics, the wards, and the emergency department and this new high-level medical information cloud is expected to be demonstrated at the Taiwan Healthcare Expo at the end of the year.

The electronic patient record developed by CSMUH is built on a standardized structure with the use of big data at its core, making it different from such systems at other hospitals, said Dr. CJ Tseng, Vice Superintendent at CSMUH. The system provides an environment for collecting clinical data and has been upgraded with a structure that is suitable for teaching, while the related process is patient-centric with the spirit of shared decision making.


The new electronic patient record is based upon the structure of the existing electronic patient record, but with medical information technology introduced and re-written in a new language that allows for corrections and notes, optimizing it for teaching. What makes it different from the paper version is that the electronic patient record for teaching presents the teaching record in real-time. On the patient record, one can conveniently read and mark information, including the patient record history, time-stamps, author, and teaching level.

Compared to the medical information system of the past, the innovative electronic patient record truly optimizes the process to provide a more convenient service with attention given to keeping it practical and human simultaneously. The patient record can be combined with precision medicine to provide a customized health management service to be used in remote home care.


CSMUH has successfully established the electronic patient record system and developed a standardized medical information platform. On the foundation of this experience, CSMUH hopes to begin cooperation with the government division responsible for the development of electronic patient records, medical institutions, as well as medical information technology companies specializing in marketing and data applications. The goal is to promote electronic patient systems to let more medical institutions and information technology companies know that unprecedented applications can be achieved with electronic patient records. Electronic patient records have a structure in place and have been standardized and therefore produce clean and real data that help improves the reliability and accuracy and therefore usability of the data for data and database application vendors. The availability of this data provides the ideal ingredients for clinical decision-making applications and provides an excellent foundation for future applications with AI.

(Editing by Nicole Yang, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)