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Infusing Cancer Treatment and Maternal-Fetal Care with Smart Technology in Yeezen General Hospital



Yeezen General Hospital is dedicated to promoting smart healthcare by combining its specialty healthcare with information systems. Its flexible operating strategy has afforded suppliers the opportunity to comprehensively test their smart technology in the field, allowing them to collect data for optimizing the design before introducing the smart technology into the treatment plan. The result was first demonstrated in the treatment and diagnosis app of the Cancer Treatment Center and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center. The technology and the improvement in healthcare brought by the technology will be on display at the Taiwan Healthcare Plus Expo at the end of the year. The hospital seeks to bring personnel training and its experience in telemedicine to the world, with its first stops in China and Southeast-Asian countries by hosting workshops and conducting collaborative exchanges.

Yeezen Hospital prides itself as the longtime protector of the south Taoyuan region. Yeezen Hosptial has long held the core mission of bringing community-based healthcare to the local people. As healthcare topics garner more attention on the global stage, Yeezen Hospital is aiming to transform one specialty a year. The Cancer Treatment Center, for example, brought in the latest radiotherapy linear accelerator with  performance that is on par with those used in major medical centers. The instrument can shorten treatment duration and reduce discomfort by avoiding damage to healthy tissues through the use of fast, precise medical imaging. Compared to traditional surgical treatment methods, it improves upon efficiency and prevents side effects such as skin ulcers.


The improvement in treatment technology allows local residents to receive top-notch, customized medical care and follow-ups locally, saving them from the weariness of the commute to medical centers in Taipei. Building upon the foundation of the current individualized treatment plan and the expert care of the case managers, Yeezen hopes to control cancer better through early detection by working with the Sofiva Genomics Genetic Testing Platform. The goal is to achieve holistic healthcare by providing an extension of the treatment plan before, through prevention and early intervention, and after, by comforting the body and spirit. 


There are many weapons available in the battle against cancer, says Dr. Tien-Ying Lee, Superintendent of Yeezen General Hospital. Caner is no longer automatically a terminal disease. The most important work lies in early detection and improving the quality of life in the later stages of cancer development. The hospital sees community-based medicine as its responsibility and hopes to improve upon its work in post-acute care.


Yeezen General Hospital has joined forces with Dianthus MFM Clinic to establish the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center that surrounds pregnant women with warmth and joy. The space was specially designed to make the future mothers feel at home throughout their entire pregnancy. The center even developed a personalized medical app, which offers services such as making appointments, notification of the number being called in clinic, as well as access to fetal ultrasound and laparoscopic images and 3D interactive reports. Yeezen Hospital also hopes to integrate information technology into the hardware to establish a smart newborn ward to become a warmer, better, smart hospital. 


(Editing by Nicole Yang, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)