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Show Chwan To Showcase World's Top Laparoscopic Surgery Training Center and Novel Medical Assistive Devices



The Show Chwan Health Care System will be establishing the Super Laparoscopic Medical Products Incubation Center in central Taiwan. The center joins the precision machining and A.I. technology of the science parks in central Taiwan with Show Chwan's own minimally invasive surgical technology to cover the entire supply chain by providing operating rooms, peripheral equipment, and other related services. During the year-end Expo, the Show Chwan group will display the super incubator platform, including the telesurgery training at the Asia Institute of Telesurgery, developed with "next generation laparoscopic surgery room" as its core concept. Meanwhile, a 360° panoramic VR livestream made possible by Hyper Immersion Technology Taiwan will give the audience a front-row seat to the operating theater. The latest assistive tools in the laparoscopic operating room will be on display as well.

In 2008, Show Chwan Health Care System and IRCAD France established IRCAD Taiwan, a laparoscopic training center. Professor Jacques Marescaux, director of IRCAD France, leads a world renown group of doctors to conduct lessons and hands-on training. The center once invited the two leaders in the field: Jacques Marescaux and Luc Soler, along with Siemens to Taiwan to discuss the future trend of minimally invasive surgery. More than 7000 doctors from Taiwan and abroad have been trained at IRCAD Taiwan, making it the top laparoscopic surgery training center in Asia. It is also the largest surgery training center in the world.

Show Chwan continues to seek partnerships with international companies on its medical device R&D platform to collaborate on the development of high-value medical devices.  At the year-end Expo, several of them will be on display:


1. MedicalTek Co. -

The latest monostereo 3D endoscopic visualization system. The system has been awarded several patents and has obtained the CE mark in the EU, and market approval in Australia. Currently, it is the only system in the world that can turn images from flexible endoscopes, gastroscopes, and colonoscopes into 3-D. Its introduction to the market had medical industries in each country excited.

2. Hiwin Technologies Corporation -

Smart robotic endoscope holder. Using imaging technology, the location of the surgical tools in the surgeon's hands can be detected, allowing the endoscope field of view to move with the instrument in real-time. This intuitive operating mode allows surgeons to focus on operating the tool without having to worry about controlling the endoscope. Furthermore, the movement of the endoscope pivots around the unique virtual center point of the equipment, preventing the endoscope from tearing the incision, thus improving the safety and precision of the laparoscopic surgery.

3. Taiwan Main Orthopaedics Biotechnology Co., Ltd. -

Smart Surgical Glasses: Once featured on the Discovery Channel, the surgical glasses utilize VR technology and the perspective principle to combine the visual field of the surgeon with the operational field. The result is a 1/3 reduction in radiation exposure and improved learning efficiency.

4. VisionnaireMedTech -

Ultra lightweight stereo microscope for laparoscopic surgery. By enlisting Taiwan's technical prowess in semiconductors and optics technology, VisionnaireMedTech has been able to mass produce an ultra lightweight digital stereo microscope, which provides clinicians with images that cannot be visualized by human vision alone. The system also allows real-time teaching and image sharing through digital multi-media.


(Editing by Nicole Yang, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)