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World Leader in Molecular Diagnostics Providing Comprehensive Precision Medicine Solutions


Yourgene Health is an international molecular diagnostics group which uses the latest advances in DNA analysis technology to develop safer, faster and more accurate genetic screening tests. The Group’s primary focus is on non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT) for pregnant women - an emerging, multi-billion dollar global market.


In February 2017, Premaitha Health (Manchester, UK) acquired Yourgene Bioscience, a specialist next generation sequencing and bioinformatics company based in Taiwan, to develop Yourgene Health.


The Yourgene Health facility in Taipei is an internationally certified genome core laboratory and a bioinformatics department. The company has extensive experience in conducting experiments and providing scientific research services and has successfully developed multiple bioinformatics analysis methods and constructed databases. Yourgene had participated in the next generation sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatics analysis of Taiwan Biobank.


Yourgene Health is located in Taipei, Singapore and Manchester, UK. Its shares trade on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM: YGEN). For further information, please visit www.yourgene-health.com.


The acquisition and formation of Yourgene Health allowed both companies to provide more comprehensive non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) services and technology transfer solutions, as well as founding a globalized DNA diagnostics service platform.  The group has laboratory clients all over Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Africa, and extensively across Asia. Their NIPT services has gained nearly 60% market share in South East Asia and will continue to expand it to its global clientele this year.


IONA® and Sage™ Provide Comprehensive Chromosomal Analysis Options


Yourgene provides the most complete prenatal diagnostic service for expectant mothers with IONA® and Sage™ prenatal screening tests. The IONA® test is used to detect triosomies 13, 18, and 21, and is the first NIPT product to obtain the EU's coveted CE-IVD certification. The SageTM diagnostic technology covers all chromosomes in addition to some additional clinical content. Yourgene is leveraging its strengths in technology to develop more clinical and analytical solutions.


New Yourgene Genetics Database Solutions and Metagenome Analysis Center for R&D of Precision Medicine and Microbial Community Analysis


Yourgene Health in Taiwan has accumulated years of experience in its scientific research service and can provide the best analytical solution based on the client's research needs. Their reports also provide clients with recommendations for future research. Yourgene is continuing to provide customized prenatal diagnostic services to medical centers and institutions. The company can also assist collaborating organizations to set up customized laboratories.


The Yourgene Genetics Database Solutions and Metagenome Analysis Center launched this year work with sequencing and analysis solutions of the past to consolidate a gene database for our R&D customers. The customized database can help expedite searches and perform analysis and comparisons. The results of WES, WGS, tumor sequencing as well as 16S rRNA sequencing are presented graphically with highly interactive data, relieving scientists and clinicians of the trouble of analyzing large amounts of sequencing data. In addition, by using the tools provided by the platform, comparisons between groups and analysis of statistical data can be performed to sift through the data and find the target of interest in the sea of data.


Yourgene Health has a wealth of experience in developing in vitro diagnostic products and are keen to work with other companies to support their diagnostic development plans. Every diagnostic development partner programme is ably led by an experienced project manager and a cross-functional development team built with expertise in research and development, clinical, quality, regulatory and commercialisation. Regardless of the stage of your diagnostic development strategy, Yourgene have the ability support where and when required. Our project team can deliver from inception to commercialisation and through the regulatory approval process for a wide portfolio of territories.


The team at Yourgene has world class experience in diagnostic development from launching the first CE-IVD non-invasive prenatal screening to driving companion diagnostic collaborations including FDA approval, across previous roles.


(Editing by Nicole Yang, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)




Products / Service Items

A. NIPT services

  • The IONA® test
  • The Sage™ prenatal screen

B. Scientific Research

  • Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Exome Sequencing (WGS& WES) – Customized Genetics testing services
  • Oncomine Comprehensive Panel – ctDNA analysis & assessment of precision oncology treatment options
  • Yourgene Genetics Database Solutions demonstrated on Metagenome Analysis Center

 C. CE-IVD Development Services

  • Through its own IVD expertise help customer navigate regulatory and clinical requirements for CE mark diagnostics