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Faspro Systems, Develop and Launch the First Innovative Wireless Medical Camera



Faspro Systems, also known as wireless medical camera provider, is a manufacturing and marketing company specialized in the development of medical recording cameras, optical positioning and cloud service. With IT technology 20+ experience of team and expertise of medical doctors, Faspro Systems create precise equipment for medical documentation and visual applications. And also bring evolutional simplified comforts to the field of medical dental, surgery and beauty. At the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo this year, Faspro Systems will promote the first innovative wireless medical camera to medical institutions and international buyers. In addition, the company will will seek R&D cooperation in  search of international partners in collaborative development and is looking regional distribution partner to help expand the market.


Wireless Medical Camera

To provide live video and image as documentation during dental treatment is becoming the standard incoming year. Faspro developed and launched a Wireless, Hands-free, stylish MediCam which is integrated with different technologies, narrow view of lens design, smart auto focus system, wireless technology and cloud intelligence together. The wireless camera also provides below key features:


  • Creative Industrial Design providing a totally comfortable and very light wearing camera for dentist and different medical surgery which requires high quality video with scalable zoom-in recording.
  • Precise optical positioning, which resolves limitation of usage during medical treatment and enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Deliver a unique wireless recording camera with broadcasting and cloud streaming capability.
  • Create location-free convenience to medical doctors.
  • Providing user-friendly companion APP(iOS & Android)


About Wireless Medical Camera Application: 


(Editing by Jim Shih, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)




Wireless MediCam

Wireless MediCam