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BenQ / Qisda Group Expands Operating Room Solution and Intelligent Hospital Services



The BenQ / Qisda Group specializes in the development, design, manufacturing, and production of medical devices. BenQ Medical Technology, part of the BenQ / Qisda Group, is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can design complete solutions for the operating theater and complex medical environments. Centering around the operating theater, BenQ Medical has developed a comprehensive product line of peripheral accessories. From innovating improvements to surgical tables and lighting, to the production of consumables such IV tubing and R&D of medical imaging technology, BenQ Medical has systematically integrated equipment into the iQOR. The iQOR provides healthcare institutes the complete intelligent operating room solution to help hospitals realize precision and intelligent healthcare.


In contrast with traditional operating theaters, the iQOR makes processes in the operating theater more fluid and more efficient. The system can integrate hospital systems such as medical imaging, medical instruments, and HIS/PACS systems to provide precision display and rapid storage of the records before, during, and after an operation. Prior to the operation, important information about the patient and reference data can be displayed on the large information panel in the operating room to facilitate pre-operative preparations. During the operation, the system can simultaneously display the patient's past images from PACS as well as the real-time image of the surgery to give the surgeon an accurate picture of the situation, help the medical team integrate information, and improve surgery success rate. In addition, the iQOR can interface with instruments during surgery to allow quick saving of the surgical records, thereby reducing the amount of post-operative work.


The system can adjust settings on color temperature control systems to allow the operation to be performed in a safer, more efficient manner. The shadowless LED surgical light developed by BenQ Medical meets the strict lighting requirements of operation to provide auxiliary lighting for laparoscopic surgeries and help surgeons see instruments and surgical locations better. Particularly, in situations where the surgical light is insufficient, the LED light source can be added to the high- and low- power tungsten surgical lights to reduce glare, thereby allowing the surgeon to better determine histological changes.


In addition, the new generation of iQOR can broadcast real-time images from the surgery to meeting rooms in the hospital for teaching. The new function can break restriction in time and space and satisfy the demands from the hospital for teaching and administrative control, as well as allowing remote video consultation. Remote consultation allows physicians to have secure access to the latest patient reports, images, data, and past record, enabling them to provide better treatment to patients.


BenQ Medical states that they will continue to develop and improve surgical lights while researching added functions to the iQOR. These research will continue to drive the competitiveness of their products and increase its market share of integrated operating theaters in large tenders.


BenQ / Qisda Group's intelligent healthcare product strategy also includes future offers in integrated intelligent hospital services including medical transport robot and intelligent medicine cabinets. The BenQ / Qisda Group will also seek to offer integrated software and hardware solutions that span across intelligent power, bulletins, and information stations. The group is currently working closely with renowned medical centers and regional hospitals in Taiwan to improve the operating room turnover rate by over 50%.


(Editing by Jim Shih, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)



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