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COMDEK Integrates Physiological Monitoring to Provide Total Solution in Smart Care



COMDEK is an expert physiological monitoring equipment manufacturer from Taiwan specializing in the development and production of optoelectronic medical products. COMDEK has focused on the development of physiological monitoring technology for years and has successively developed and improved upon multiple physiological monitoring products. Its core measurement technology has obtained multiple patents around the world. COMDEK's product line consists mainly of non-invasive pulse oximeters, oxi-capnography monitors, and intelligent patient monitors which are exported to markets around the world. At this year's Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo, COMDEK has built a smart healthcare stage to provide more accurate and immediate measurements, demonstrating how they can satisfy the need for smart healthcare for new hospitals or expansions to existing ones.


In recent years, COMDEK has integrated wireless transfer, IT technology, and physiological measurement equipment to create a new multifunctional smart physiological monitoring system. The system encrypts continuous physiological monitoring data to transfer the data for real-time display, giving healthcare personnel an efficient way to monitor patients while affording hospitals more effective management. Currently the system has been certified and gone into production, with many clinical medical centers around the world adopting the device.


Through the Central Digital Monitoring and Management System developed by COMDEK, the physiological data acquired by every hardware device can be transferred to the nursing station in real-time. Hospital personnel can have access to the real-time physiological signal from every individual patient, including SpO2, NIBP, EKG, Resp., and PVC. In the case of an emergency, the alarm system notifies the medical personnel immediately to provide emergency care. The system satisfies the need for mobile medicine while improving care quality and easing the burden for medical manpower.


User feedback from clinical settings also show that resident doctors can observe the status of a particular patient through the cloud to administer any necessary medical treatment immediately. Monitoring the heart rate of PCM patients also allows medical personnel to identify patient problems such as arrhythmia or cardiac arrest early on to gain invaluable emergency treatment time. The product can be installed in emergency, the ward, operating room, and delivery room and can be customized based on the setting and clinical application. The system's more notable feature includes its statistics, analysis, and data management functions which can aid doctors in their clinical studies.


COMDEK CEO Yi-Song Kuo noted that after the smart physiological care platform is combined with measurement technology, the product value chain has improved while satisfying the industry need for smart healthcare, creating a diversified service and accelerating the digital transformation of the medical industry. In response to the global development of applying AI technology to medicine, COMDEK will look in the clinical setting to find high-level medical devices that urgently requires improvement or development. By combining multiple physiological parameters with clinical research and interpretation and introducing AI algorithms, the system will see applications in disease prediction and precision medicine.


(Editing by Jim Shih, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)