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Taiwan Pioneer in Microbiome Research Providing Best Solution for Biotech Research



BIOTOOLS is the leader in biotech services in Taiwan, dedicated to providing microbiome research technology services. The company has been in involved in the scientific research industry and microbiome clinical development for years.  Currently, BIOTOOLS owns four major service platforms: NGS, CRISPR, Proteomics, and Metabolomics, with its bioinformatics team providing assistance with the data analysis for researchers in the life sciences to help them publish their results.


First to Provide Cutting-Edge Sequencing Service and Microbiome Research Big Data


BIOTOOLS was the first to apply the Next Generation Sequencing technology to the field of microbiomics, demonstrating the company's grasp on international research trends and clinical application development. BIOTOOLS also launched the Taiwan Gut project to promote flora research in Taiwan. Currently, BIOTOOLS has accumulated a large amount of gut flora data and performed large-scale analysis on the flora composition and characteristics of different microbes found in the sample. As such, BIOTOOLS has gained a level of understanding of the gut type of healthy Taiwanese people as well as the bacterial distribution of short-chain fatty acid production microbiota. Furthermore, BIOTOOLS is collaborating with institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and health examination centers to expedite the expansion of clinical applications of microbiota in Taiwan.


Currently, BIOTOOLS has provided clinical research and application analysis services to over 80 organizations, completing over 200 microbiome research tasks. In the process, BIOTOOLS has developed a well-tested analytical method that can identify different categories in the flora distribution, then present the categorization and statistical results through data analysis. The results from the gut flora analysis can be further used to provide basic information about gut health and composition. Combined with nutrition and diet guidelines, a comprehensive gut health protection plan can be provided. BIOTOOLS was also the first to import the 10x Genomics technology as an attempt to explore more possibilities and satisfy the demand of researchers for new technologies. The technology realizes the maximum potential of the sequencing platform to facilitate the research into gut-host interactions and the human genome.


Customizable Analytical Tools and Diverse Platform Accelerates Research


The BIOTOOLS Microbiome Research Center focuses on microbiome-related research. The purpose of the center is to provide cutting-edge expert technology to users of different fields. These include standardized protocols for microbiome sampling, storage, and transportation, as well as using NGS instruments to perform the sequencing and analysis of flora information. Through standardized and uniform protocols, the accuracy and comparability of the data is ensured.


At this year's Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo, the BIOTOOLS Microbiome Research Center will enhance its collaboration with medical testing and scientific research organizations in addition to publicizing the importance of microbiota in human health. Meanwhile, BIOTOOLS will be looking for collaborators both upstream and downstream as part of its comprehensive market strategy.


(Editing by Jim Shih, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)