AI Empowering the Value and Future of Healthcare


AI Empowering the Value and Future of Healthcare


Jyh-Ching Yaur

VP & Head of Research and Innovation Hub Shanghai, Philips Greater China


Healthcare innovation has been through fast-paced revolutions across the globe. It is a prevailing fact that most healthcare companies are undertaking unprecedented digital transformation journey by adopting all-encompassing digital methodologies and programs. Ubiquitous devices premised on Internet fuels the generation of colossal every day, every moment. However, more data doesn’t equal to more insight. People are drowning in data but lack of insights. That is where Artificial Intelligence can help. Machine learning and deep learning can help to make sense of this data and turn into actionable insights.

At Philips, we envision the AI as Adaptive Intelligence, creating value in clinical pathway and healthy living products by integrating with real context combining other technologies, in an aim to support the quadruple aim of better health outcomes, improved patient experience, improved staff experience, and lower cost of care.

The keynote speech will layout insights from three dimensions:

  1. Digital transformation in healthcare innovation landscape
  • Overall background of digital transformation and AI reasoning in Healthcare industry
  • Landscape in globe, mainland China and Taiwan
  1. Everyone is talking about AI
  • Adaptive intelligence in Philips’s narratives
  • Unlocking the value to realize AI in clinical pathway
  • Leading technologies of Philips (ISD, Digital Twins…)
  1. AI ecosystem innovation methodology – open platform and cocoreation



This year in MEDTEX 2019, we will witness the digital healthcare revolution in Asia, with Healthcare professionals and technology giants ...


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