Universal microbubbles based combined medical device for promoting local drug delivery


A new innovation method to deliver drugs by using ultrasound-microbubble technology!

2018 Taiwan Innovation Award (two awards), our present invention firstly provides a new multifunctional microbubble (MB) which can be applied to a topical region of the body surface of organisms by applying, instead of using injection. We firstly provide a universal theranostic MB which can be applied to a topical region of the body surface or injected into the vessel for systemic treatment. This universal theranostic MB could be widely used in head and neck disease, to help strengthen the absorption of drugs. We also explores a series of drug-carrying modified MB combine with a new designed device connected to ultrasound (US) system for the application of systemic treatment and local treatment. The latest generation of products is the "microbubble combined with microchip composite device", which can evenly spread microbubbles in the treatment area and promote the sale as soon as possible.

“Microbubble combined with microchip composite device” has subverting the new ways of traditional drug delivery. Systemic treatment and local treatment to help strengthen the absorption of drugs which breakthrough the treatment in head and neck diseases!



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