HIWIN Robotic Gait Training System helps you stand up to walk!


HIWIN Robotic Gait Training System is an innovative walking training system combines weight-bearing standing, repetitive stepping and balance training for early stage patients. It provides intensive trainings for patient to enhance motivation and achieve optimal results.


Four advantages of HIWIN Robotic Gait Training System:


  1. Patented support system helps patients to be in an upright position and enables patients in the early stage of rehabilitation to undergo gait training while standing.
  2. There are 3 gait patterns to choose to provide customized training programs for specific goal.
  3. The system can be operated by one therapist via the pelvis support harness and the power rise assistance. It can be settled in 5 minutes.
  4. Task-oriented training reduces complications and helps patients to regain walking ability.

Acquire TFDA、CE and China medical certificate and is available to sell now.



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