Digital Boardroom Solution – Hospital Emergency Room Application


Emergency room digital dashboard provides real-time overview of patients’ status, from imaging examination progress to blood test risk index. The intuitive system uses simple color coding and icon representations to provide emergency caregivers important patient information at a glance.


Solution Feature Highlights:

  1. Zonal representation of hospital beds by zone and location.
  2. Intuitive icon representation of important information
  • Examination progress
  • Blood test risk index
  • Bed availability status
  • Triage classification
  • Infection alert
  1. Integration of EMR (Electronic Medical Records), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), LIS (Laboratory Information System)
  • Patient basic information
  • The patient has opened a medical order
  • Image examination progress
  • Blood test progress
  • Process delay alert
  • Biological index risk alert
  • On-duty staff contact information
  1. Emergency department data consolidation
  • Total ER patients number
  • Patients numbers by zone
  • Patient numbers pending admission
  • Patient number pending ICU admission
  • Patient numbers pending examination results
  1. Support for mobile push message warning alert providing vital information to medical staff real-time
  2. Flexible process monitoring and alert configuration capabilities catering for all customised needs

Solution Benefits:

  1. Effective monitoring of examination progresses to minimize delays and reduce patient wait time
  2. Real-time dashboard display increases efficiency by re-distributing medical staffs’ time from information enquiry to effective medical caregiving
  3. Information transparency enhancing hospital patient communications
  4. Information transparency and consistency increases medical communications and onsite management efficiency

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