Patient lift, Super low bed


Apexcare Patient lift helps caregiver to move a patient easily, safely and also prevent injury of both caregiver and patient. Aluminum alloy frame reduce lift weight to have better manipulation.


We have also a super low bed which is only 7 cm from floor to bed surface, the best advantage is to avoid falling injury, this is a patent structure of raising mechanism which allows us to enjoy a reputation of lowest bed is the world.


Benefits of patient lift:

  1. We emphasize safty, comfort and dignity to help caregiver to move a patient or to stand up. Also to reduce spine injury of caregiver.
  2. Industry aluminum alloy to have light weight and beautiful outlooking.



Benefits of care bed:

  1. Patent infrastructure makes this bed to be the lowest bed surface in the world.
  2. To avoid falling accident, to reduce injury of resident.
  3. Steady, stable and smooth movement.
  4. Germany power system to ensure best quality.
  5. Safety-lock handset to avoid miss-operation.

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