Cold Cathode X ray source for brachytherapy- An IORT X ray source


IntraOperative RadioTherapy (IORT) is a modality among various radiotherapy/ brachytherapy, because patient only take one time radiation during the surgery operation, and then save a burden from multi-times radiation procedure and treatment. Currently this technology is widely accepted by surgeon and patients for early stage breast cancer radiotherapy. It take about only 6~10 minutes to accomplish the treatment. However, in conventional IORT machine, the X ray tube is usually become defective due to a long time radiation, the X ray tube is always over heated and broken during treatment, it bring a serious impact for surgeon and patients.


Energy Resources International Co., Ltd (ERI) has developed the IORT X ray tube by CNT technology, it has following advantages: stable radiation, longer life time cycle, preventing over heating problem etc.. ERI has just finished the science and technology cooperation with National Yang Ming University, will step into a collaboration with multi-national company in next step. Because the CNT patent deployment, ERI will be an “UNICORN” for this field in business cooperation.



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