BestShape® ─ Improving dialysis healthcare quality and patient safety


Wistron Medical Technology carries out BestShape® to deliver complete information in a method appropriate to improve dialysis healthcare quality and environment in the hospital. It provides easier approaches to carry out medical duties including status monitoring, orders, info-search and decision support.


The healthcare team can be aware of any changes of blood pressure in real-time. It drives optimal management of decision-making processes and adjustment to improve quality of care and gives the healthcare team the whole picture.



  • Patient’s Overview:Physicians check the patient’s overall condition based on the real-time data, and refer to the chart to place medical order.
  • Monitor Control:Medical team monitors and tracks the dialysis progress through the dashboard to keep the treatment safe.
  • Real-time notification:System offers real-time notification of clinically abnormal cases. Medical team informs the physicians in advance if any action is needed.
  • Data visualization for decision support:Patient’s physiological parameters are integrated with visualized data to facilitate decision support process.
  • Medical Notes and Prescription:Once healthcare records sync up, the whole medical team maintains the complete and accurate medical records.

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