BenQ Qflux Dialyzer, Made In Taiwan.



Leverage the resource in BenQ Group, the long term commitment of BenQ Dialysis Technology is to provide total solutions to ESRD patients worldwide with better treatment experience and quality of daily life. The Group provides a comprehensive line of products and services for dialysis patients


The clinics have in general responded that the removal of medium to large molecules has been excellent, while the removal of phosphorus has been good as well, with itchiness of the skin dramatically reduced. Clinical test reports of the BenQ Qflux Dialyzer has also shown that the urea reduction ratio and Kt/V are both better than the standard set by the Taiwan Society of Nephrology by 10 to 20 %, a result that is on par with international standards.


BenQ Qflux Dialyzer- your affordable and reliable medical supply made with excellence in Taiwan.

  • Available in full product range 6 high flux and 6 low flux models
  • Outperformed in middle / large molecule
  • Excellent biocompatibility



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