MicrobioRx™ provide 5 major indexes to capture the comprehensive information



"Cleveland Clinic Unveils Top 10 Medical Innovations Most Likely To Be Game Changers, Using the Microbiome to Prevent, Diagnose and Treat Disease"
The microbiota has been considered as one of the most innovative business models among the field of biomedical industry. GenoRx provides personal microbiome detection products, MicrobioRx™, using high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing with non-invasive collection methods to analysis personal gut microbiome composition and provide detailed diet suggestions. The analyses including the microbiome abundance, enterotype, disease, metabolism and diet.


The report of MicrobioRx™ could provide 5 major indexes to capture the comprehensive information of your gut health:

  • The gut microbiome protectivity: The association between 17 common diseases and microbiota.
  • The microbiota richness & abundance: To understand how many kinds of microbiota are in your gut and compare with the reference from healthy individuals.
  • The enterotypes: We offered the information about four major enterotypes, which correlates your long-term dietary habits.
  • Gut microbiota characteristics: The distribution of probiotics or opportunistic infectious pathogens among your gut.
  • Dietary suggestions: Including the recommended food of daily meals, suggestive amounts and your preference of meat or vegetables that based on the information from microbiota.






Genetic tests of personalized diets, nutrition and physical training. By detecting the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), GenoHealth can help you to understand how the genetic factors affect your daily diet, nutrition intakes and exercise training.

  • Daily dietary and nutrition intakes: Help you understand the efficiency of different nutrition intake and suggest suitable food for you.
  • Eating behaviors and food demand: Help you understand your reactions to multiple foods and beverages.
  • Physical abilities: Help you understand your body potentials on sports and the information of metabolites and constitution.





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