Human Research Project


Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Exome Sequencing and Metagenomic Sequencing package with Yourgene’s interactive data base solution which helps the users manage large amount of information and the analysis results easily.


By sequencing thousands of whole human genomes for different countries, it was able to build the human gene database, with the aim of providing the information of inherited variation for human genomes, which can be applied in disease detection, prevention and personalized medicine.


Whole Human Genome Re-Sequencing technology can provide comprehensive genome variation information, which is used by many scientists to study diseases. It often helps obtain breakthrough achievements, which is applied more widely especially in the research of monogenic disease and cancer.



  • Sequencing Information: Help the user understand how to operate sequencing platforms, read the reports and the related information.

  • Analysis solution: Provide the procedures of the bioinformatics analysis, setting of the related software and references.

  • Statistics: The statistics data will be shown by the interactive graph and we can provide the various date format for output.

  • Comparison group: Turn the results of sequencing and analysis into the graph of the statistics data that the user can use and operate by themselves.

  • Information filtering: The user can filter and show the genetic variations or the annotations through the graph interface.


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