Innovative Caring - Bedpan liner


The available bedpan is usually made of metal or plastic materials, which may cause the users uncomfortable because they are cold and hard in consistence. Disable and long-term bedridden patients are in need of bedpans for their excretion. However, in the cold day, in the condition of patients with fragile skin or bony protrusion, the cold and hard consistence of the bedpan may irritate and torture these patients. The purpose of developing the brand-new bedpan liner is to alleviate those suffers and agony to improve their quality of skin care.


1.Unbeating comfort:


The material of the bedpan liner is mad of foamlatex pillow with 5cm thickness. Apart from the U shape design making it as a protective cushion, the foamlatex with innate softness making it as a heat insulation.




Inner and outer linings are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material. Advantage: it can prevent the patient's excrement penetrating to the cushion cover.




The bedpan with fastening ties will help patients not slip into the potty space.



Easy-use helps the patients and family save time and convenient in the daily caring.





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