Smart Patient Information System


Subject of the exhibition 2020


★Smart Patient Information System

  • Transparency, localization and real-time on patient information.
  • Patient information system works seamlessly with the electronic medical record.
  • Transparent and real-time information reduces anxiety from unknown, improve patient satisfaction.
  • Reduce inquiry related disruption to the medical team at work,improve the safety of colleagues and patients.
  • Reduce patient and family repetitive inquiries and reduce labor and time costs.


Smart Patient bed information terminal

  • Digital content
  • Wall-mounted portable dual mode
  • Wire/Wireless all capable
  •  Automatic adjustment of light perception
  • NFC card reader
  • Anti-theft unlocking mechanism
  • Smart voice call
  • Multiple service interfaces


Nursing information and patient caring system

  • Patient pre-alert system
  • Patient exams scheduling system
  • Patient Trend Consultation System
  • Digitalization
  • Real time
  • user friendly and easy to identify all patient status



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                         Smart Patient Information System

    Smart Patient bed information terminal