EasyDoctor physiological measurement system


A community-based health service station that focuses on individuals has been set up at Mackay Community Health Center, creating a space with accessible and sustainable healthcare that improves the health of community members.

Inventec Appliances Corp. provides the EasyDoctor physiological measurement system, and the data from the health service station is sent to the internal system at Mackay Memorial Hospital in real-time, perfecting the information and communication technology platform between the hospital and the community.

The EasyDoctor physiological measurement system provides three devices that give five types of measurement data: blood pressure, blood glucose, total cholesterol, uric acid and ECG, as well as an exclusive mobile application and a health management platform. The system can be connected to an internal healthcare system, providing a comprehensive health management solution.


Features of EasyDoctor Multifunction Physiological Measurement System:


 1.24/7 Portable Medical Devices


 2.Health Records at a Glance


 3.Family Care at Your Fingertips


 4.IoT Health Care Services


 5.Secure Data with Cloud Storage




 Look for:

The goal is to apply this partnership model to other healthcare facilities or community health management organizations to promote the health of community members and to fulfill the ideals of preventive medicine.


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