Dialysis Clothing, a more convenient way of medical care and reducing infection


Is dialysis catheter exposed again? VitaCuff is the cuff of Permcath buried under the skin and should not be seen from outside. The main function of VitaCuff is anti-bacterial. Once the cuff is exposed, the function of anti-bacterial and fixation will be impaired and the cuff should be exchanged which will not only exhaust the patients and their family but also increase cost and infection risk. By using dialysis clothing,the patient would have more privacy and reduce the stretch of dialysis catheter. This will also decrease the possibility of cuff exposure and increase the quality of life of the patients.


Four advantages of Dialysis functional clothing—

Dri-Fit material、Concealed zipper、Clear exposure of the

treatment area、Easy for putting on and taking off, better convenience of medical care,


  •  Dri-Fit material increases comfort.
  • Concealed zipper provides better privacy.
  • Clear exposure of the treatment area, reduces catheter stretch, and ensures complete disinfection.
  • under medical treatment, reduce spontaneous expulsion of the catheter during treatment and more reliable disinfection when changing the dressing.



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