Best Help for Intubation—AR Glasses


The influenza pandemic brought this world subversion in 2020. To build a better environment for medical, an idea comes up and be conducted to combine AR glasses with intubation. It provides you less risk of infection, more flexibility and efficiency.


What we can help


  • Real-time medical information display.
  • No need to turn user’s neck when performing an intubation.
  • Prevent disorientation.
  • Help improve learning and gain experience.
  • Wearable device can provide a much flexible space.
  • Reduce the risk of droplet infection.


 Technical Features


  • Wearable, portable and convenient.
  • 720P image quality.(1080P is coming soon.)
  • Adjustable image size.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Independent power supply.
  • Applied to multiple signal.


 Look for: 

  • Complete Telemedicine by combining with 5G internet.
  • Combine with AI and big data.
  • Awaiting Cooperation with Medical Equipment Agent, smart hospital system and so on.


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Wearable AR Glasses


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