[SiMO Smile Silicone Masks] – Share Your Smile Again!


Why not design a mask so every can communicate?

We can all make a huge difference in leveling the field by making our faces and smiles seen again.

As SiMO Smile Silicone Masks are made with transperent silicone materials, wearers can continue to present expressions freely and allow zero distance communnication. The design also combines ergonomics and more fashionable. The masks are highly skin-friendly and comfortable to wear for a long time. Different from general disposable masks,  SiMO Smile Silicone Masks are easy to clean and can be sterilized with boiling water or alcohol. They can be used and are environmentally friendly.


Five advantages of SiMO Smile Silicone Masks:


  1. Share you smile again – zero distance communication
  2. Comfortable to wear for a long time
  3. Easy sanitization
  4. Fashionable design
  5. Reusable – environmentally friendly


 Look for:

Agents/Distributor, R&D cooperation, silicone products manufacturing


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