temi service robot


Mobisnet Technology has over 17 years of experience in Long-term healthcare and over 5 years of experience in robot software development. Mobisnet is now the sole distributor of robot temi in Taiwan. With the healthcare software, temi has become an extraordinary helper in the hospitals and nursing homes.


The combination of the robot temi and Mobisnet’s healthcare technology, Mobisnet has successfully deployed the robot solution into the negative pressure isolation ward to help doctors and nurses. Most importantly, Mobisnet’s robot solution has decreased 50% of infection  risk during the pandemic.


Robot Healthcare solutions:


  • eNurse is your best helper in healthcare. eNurse let temi become a moving vital sign measurement kiosk station.


  • AIRbot will be an elegant air quality monitor for your institution. AIRbot can measure: temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, HCHO, CO2. temi will then report the data to the admin web page.


  • UVbot : Elegant, light but most importantly, effective. By carrying an UV-C lamp, temi will sanitize the area while doing the patrol.


  • eRoute: give the robot temi the ability to handle multi tasks for you autonomously; temi will be able to record video/image, security check, guide and delivery.


  • Telebot: A Cross-platform video telepresence with robot. Decrease the infection risk for the doctor and nurses.




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Agents/distributors 、hospitals 、healthcare providers welcome to consult and collaborate


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