Varian VitalBeam- As Vital to advancing your clinic as you are
The VitalBeam system integrates respiratory gating, imaging and treatment delivery to create a streamlined system. With this integration, you could deliver complex treatments using advanced radiotherapy techniques...
MicrobioRx™ provide 5 major indexes to capture the comprehensive information
The microbiota has been considered as one of the most innovative business models among the field of biomedical industry. GenoRx provides personal microbiome detection products...
BenQ Qflux Dialyzer, Made In Taiwan.
Leverage the resource in BenQ Group, the long term commitment of BenQ Dialysis Technology is to provide total solutions to ESRD patients worldwide with better treatment experience and quality of daily life...
MedTech Connect 2019: Exploring the leap from innovation to commercialisation
This event is part of a global series designed to bring together key players from medtech ecosystems. We will be exploring the highly regulated, conservative medical implant industry...
Join Emily Chin in managing your health journey on Halza
Halza's Social-Medical App allows Subscribers to Store, Track, and Share their Medical files. Through Halza's closed social-medical communication channels, users communicate privately with medical professionals, family & select friends. Doctors and Hospital staff manage patient's files. Unique features include Health Reminders, QuickShare, Family Account management. Secure and private, Halza runs on Microsoft Azure & is globally available in 26 language.
PaS - A plug-and –sense smart sensing system
With the PaS smart sensing system, Users can directly plug the PaS into their smartphones (iOS and Android are supported) and start sensing the environment immediately. No extra settings are required. Just Plug and Sense!
Intai’s Locking Plate and Screw System has a better effect after surgery
Intai started the business at precision fastener, and engage with the medical-related machinery industry after few years. Depending on its experiences in processing precision hardware and integration technology...
A comprehensive solution from R&D to market monitoring for pharmaceutical products
hyGene Biotech meets demand for pharmaceutical products to offer compliance systems such as PIC/S, GMP, FDA and ISO to create a comprehensive solution...
BestShape® ─ Improving dialysis healthcare quality and patient safety
Wistron Medical Technology carries out BestShape® to deliver complete information in a method appropriate to improve dialysis healthcare quality and environment in the hospital. It provides easier approaches to carry out medical duties including status monitoring, orders, info-search and decision support...
Cold Cathode X ray source for brachytherapy- An IORT X ray source
IntraOperative RadioTherapy (IORT) is a modality among various radiotherapy/ brachytherapy, because patient only take one time radiation during the surgery operation...
Stop Neglecting Invasive Fungal Disease!
Every year, more than 1.6 million deaths due to Invasive Fungal Disease(IFD). Over 80% of IFD are caused by Candida, Aspergillus and Cryptococcus. Conventional diagnosis of IFD (Culture, Microscopy) is time-consuming and low sensitive, which yield late diagnosis of IFD and furtherly lead to bad prognosis. Serological tests (Culture-free) provide a good adjunct for IFD diagnosis.
Patient lift, Super low bed
All-in-one medical image AI training software
The All-in-one tool that allows you to import image, annotate, select image to be trained, training, deploy, and manage the AI model without switching among different software...
Digital Boardroom Solution – Hospital Emergency Room Application
Emergency room digital dashboard provides real-time overview of patients’ status, from imaging examination progress to blood test risk index...
HPB AI health care system to help patients and the elderly for better home care
HPB EZcaring uses advanced technology to detect bed exit and vital signs. It reduces the workload of caregivers while protecting privacy. No wearable or contactable device is used...
HIWIN Robotic Gait Training System helps you stand up to walk!
HIWIN Robotic Gait Training System is an innovative walking training system combines weight-bearing standing, repetitive stepping and balance training for early stage patients. It provides intensive trainings for patient to enhance motivation and achieve optimal results.
Universal microbubbles based combined medical device for promoting local drug delivery
This universal theranostic MB could be widely used in head and neck disease, to help strengthen the absorption of drugs. We also explores a series of drug-carrying modified MB combine with a new designed device connected to ultrasound (US) system for the application of systemic treatment and local treatment...
CHT Enterprise Healthcare System meet the needs of Businesses to Take Care of Employee Wellbeing
Enterprise Healthcare System (EHS) offers an workplace health management solution to meet the needs of businesses for physical examinations and the planning for employees suffering from four major occupational risks...
World First Ultrasound CAD for Thyroid Cancer Detection with Visualization and Quantification
The “AmCAD-UT Detection” utilizes patented image analysis technology to capture commonly used clinical diagnostic features as well as the pattern features of the thyroid neoplasm from the thyroid ultrasound images...
Wellness Hub providing Smart, Cloud-based Remote Care Services
Wellness Hub seeks to enhance the telemed experience through providing smart, cloud-based remote care services. After installing the Wellness Hub, designated caretakers can utilize Bluetooth devices to passively collect physiological data for even easier remote monitoring...