Infection Control Experts – Tung’s Hospital X BAILIDA can Help
The COVID-19 outbreak has become a global awareness of the harshness of this epidemic disease. Taiwan government has fared better than other countries, recording less than 500 confirmed cases and less than 10 deaths since the virus arrived in late January. Praised internationally for its handling of the pandemic, the country's government had lifted almost all of its lockdown restrictions, first imposed in March which have all been credited with virtually eliminating the virus in the country. Besides, our frontline care-takers have contributed in the inventing the equipment for pandemic prevention with local enterprise. Tung’s Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital and BAILIDA have worked together to design the products of FORTRISS series to minimize the infection risk for healthcare workers at the front, thus, the safety for both care-givers and care-receivers is promised. In the future, BAILIDA and Tung’s Hospital will continue to create highly accessible and beneficial products that contribute to the well-being of healthcare workers.
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Integration Care of Urological Oncology - Urological Cancer Center at TT
Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital (TTMHH) has been the first choice for residents on the western coastline. With the growing urologic patient receiving treatment in the TTMHH, the Urological Cancer Center (UCC) was established in September 2019 for more centered and broaden care. The focus for UCC is prevention, treatment, follow up and research. The scope of service includes following up on cancer treatments, phone interview, cancer registration, conduction in clinical trial and medical research, patient support groups establishment, health education promotion.To achieve the goal of being the leader in the cancer center in Taiwan, our team has been pursuing the goal by continuing revising our workflow, consolidating interprofessional communication, improving the integration of resources. Additionally, we make much effort to lengthen the patients’ lives and quality of life as well and would be the benchmarking in the field.
Cell therapy in cancer treatment
Dendritic cell therapy: for all stage in 8 kinds of cancer
Dendritic cell – cytokine induced killer cell : for stage 4 lung cancer, HCC, CRC, Breast cancer
Precision Health Management - NTU Medical Genie Lifestyle and Environment Platform
(Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics, NTU) The product is mainly composed of wearable devices, IoT environmental sensors, deep learning, personal health app and case management platform. It collects and monitors user's lifestyle and environment automatically, and predict the possibility of emergency to assist medical staff in making decisions. In addition, we opened source the project to solve most clinical studies that require lots of time to build data collection tools and processes.
Virtual optical biopsy: In vivo stained imaging with cellular resolution
(Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics, NTU) To avoid unnecessary excisional biopsy? The skin conditions become worse after laser treatments? All these poor experiences can be avoided by using virtual optical biopsy, which represents precision medicine and precision aesthetic medicine.
Fast ABUS CADe system and multi-disease thorax x-ray CADx system with Clinical values
(Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics, NTU) Our fast ABUS CADe system lessen the operator burden, minify the appraiser variance, and significantly reduce the detection time; Our thorax x-ray CADx system is useful for diagnosing different thorax diseases, which has excellent diagnostic accuracy and reduces viewer variances.
Next Generation Diagnosis of Voice Pathology Using Ensemble Learning Models
(Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics, NTU) Vocal problems are common in ethnic groups that require a lot of vocal use in occupations. Because the vocal cords are located deep in the throat, special throat endoscopes and experienced specialists are needed to make a correct diagnosis and determine the follow-up treatment strategy.
AHEAD Medicine develops AI-based diagnostic and clinical decision tools for blood cancer management
(Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics, NTU) AHEAD Medicine develops AI-based diagnostic and clinical decision tools for blood cancer management. Our team has gathered experts in hematology, data science, and machine learning fields to develop tailor-made solutions for the blood cancer diagnosis.
Internet of Things could Smart pillbox
The traditional Pill-Box is lack of active-remind function. So our "Cloud IoT Smart Pill-Box " will be equipped speaker to remind old patients. In addition, our Smart Pill-Box will connect with Line to remind old patients and their family to taking medicine on time. "Cloud IoT Smart Pill-Box " will also connect with specific medical institution for recording the data in order to achive the goal of smart healthcare.
Tumor on an xD Chip
How do you know what therapy is most effective for yourself?
Scientific fortune telling-Genetic testing for precision medicine
Fortune telling becomes scientific! Genetic testing helps diagnosis and therapy of diseases. It may be also helpful for predicting and preventing for diseases.
Next-generation sequencing is our core technology. We develop whole-genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, microbiome, cancer-related gene sequencing, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing, liquid biopsy and provide clinical services.
Ever Fortune.AI Co., Ltd – An all in one medical AI provider
The need for the development of medical AI is due to the large number of patient’s doctors face every day. A physician often interprets dozens of medical images and lab tests to make their final diagnosis, and this process takes a lot of time and energy. Thus, if AI can assist physicians in interpreting medical images and provide more objective information, this would help reduce both time and costs, and most importantly, provide physicians with more time to communicate with their patients, providing better quality care.
AI assisted detection of cancer bone metastasis
According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the top 10 causes of death among Taiwanese in 2018, cancer has been the leading cause of death for 37 consecutive years, and prostate cancer ranked sixth, with 11.8 deaths because prostate cancer in every 10 million people. Prostate cancer is also called "the invisible killer of male". If metastasis occurs in cancer patients, about half of the patients will have bone metastases. If it's not treated early and timely when bone metastases, many complications that affect the quality of life and even life-threatening may occur.

As a highly sensitive and cost-effective bone metastasis detection tool, nuclear medicine bone scan has been widely used in the first-line screening of high-risk cancer patients for bone metastasis.Bone scan image diagnosis still relies heavily on the production of written interpretation reports by experienced nuclear medicine specialists. The rapid advancement of cancer treatments has extended the life of patients, and at the same time, the paperwork for nuclear medicine bone scans has also increased.Good doctors are not easy to train and cannot immediately keep up with the increase in the number of medical images. When the doctor is tired, it's easy to cause omissions or misjudgments.

If there is an interface that combines images to quickly mark the lesion and automatically output a text report that the doctor defines in advance, it will immediately improve clinical breakthroughs and improve medical quality.This auxiliary investigation procedure has now obtained a patent for invention in the Republic of China, and patents in the United States and China are currently pending.
Artificial Intelligence Decision Support System for Myocardial Infarction
AMI warning system based on EKG Atrial fibrillation detection
NYCU Future Medicine
Combining 3D printing technology to design a hand dynamic orthosis for stroke patients
The invention of this orthosis combines 3D printing technology and traditional splinting technology to custom-made the individualized training equipment for stroke patients. It can be used to adjust the appropriate tension in response to the interference of various abnormal muscle tone. It also helps the affected hand with difficulty of grasping and releasing to perform these exercises many times in a short- term period. Then the large amount of repeated exercises will help promote the possibility of hand function recovery.
Rapid detection of miR302 cluster
miR302 has been confirmed to be highly correlated with the disease progression of aging and dementia, so it is considered to demonstrate significant values of diagnosis. In the present invention, by indirectly detecting the expression of the endogenous miR302 cluster, it is possible to evaluate the progress and curative effects of individual related diseases.
Powered Air-Purifying Respirators
PAPR is used for the medical staff to prevent air transmitted disease such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in isolation units and quarantine.
Multi-layered fitting type adjusting shoe pad
This product could divide the insole into the forefoot, arch, and heel part for a free adjustment. The function of the forefoot part is to provide resistance; the arch part is to provide support; the heel part is to provide stability. These three parts are all covered with elastic fabric, and the side is designed with anti-skid strips to prevent it from falling off. Users can choose the height or hardness that suits them and fit them, and they can be adjusted according to the user's behavior. Product registered- Taiwan invention patent (Invention No. I691284) and new model patent (New Model No. M587919).