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Bioguard Corporation

Animal disease diagnostictest kits, animal disease diagnostic services

Chi Lai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

CONTIN was established to help resolve the founder's long-term scalp issues
which could not be accomplished using any product currently on the market.
The crucial element of CONTIN's patented plant extract shampoo is an
enzyme extracted from garlic that has been fermented for 120 days.

Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

To enhance people's physical and mental health, the Council of Agriculture (COA) establish “Agricultural Healthcare Technology Pavilion," including five themes to highlight current research and development of agri-biotechnology, and to strengthen people's understanding of medical-related agricultural technology.

Exland Biotechnology Inc.

1. REMETA-BP®Extract
2. Extract Material and Technology
3. Polyacetylenic compounds for diabetes(Botanical drug development)

Fecula Biotech Co., Ltd.

Fecula Biotech Corporation (FBC) was founded in February of 2019 by four co-founders specializing in various fields of business development, research and development (R&D), and sales expertise in biotechnology. Our primary mission is to implement evidence-based approach in developing microbiome-based dietary supplements with a secondary mission to facilitate new discoveries on microbiome-related adjuvant therapy for cancer patients during their cancer treatments.
Our team has established a banana resistant starch-based encapsulation platform, named EncapTa, for delivering large number of beneficial bacterial or bioactive materials successfully to the gastrointestinal tract. The EncapTa is a powerful technique for pharmaceuticals and supplements application. Gene-Young vegan probiotics capsules are made by EncapTa platform. It is a dietary supplement for improving the activity of commensal microbiota, digestive system, and metabolic function. Calcium Boost chewable tablets use Fish hydroxyapatite plus Fish collagen and Banana resistant starch to promote synergistic effects on intestinal Ca2+ absorption and balance.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Application of banana resistant starch-based bacteria encapsulation technique (EncapTa) in cancer adjuvant therapy and dietary supplements developmen
2. Gene-Young capsules is a dietary supplement for improving the activity of commensal microbiota, digestive system, and metabolic function.
3. Development of microbiota-targeted therapies, dietary supplement distributors, raw materials and semi-finished products supplier, OEM and ODM

LanHui Biotech Limited Company

Orchid essence derivatives

Lemnaceae Fermentation, Inc.

LemnaRed®High purity [3S,3S']-Astaxanthin(80%)

Sanguo Co., Ltd.

Phyllanthus emblica enzyme series
Phyllanthus emblic Powder
Phyllanthus emblica Probiotics powder
Phyllanthus emblica Beauty Troches
Phyllanthus emblica Tender and white facial cleanser
Phyllanthus Emblica White Toothpaste
Hand made soap series


1. Alga Amine™ Tai Jian No.1 is a new class of bio-fertilizer that contains algae hydrolyzed proteins, active short chain peptides, 16 kinds of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharide, chlorella growth factor and other organic matters. It makes good absorption and utilization rates, and definitely increased the crop’s quantity and quality.

2. Soil Conditioner™ Tai Jian No.2 containing 6 types of patent plant probiotics; green algae nutrients; and special mineral activator. It makes a good work in physical, chemical, and biological soil environments, as well as improving soil acidification and hardening, at the meanwhile changing the microbial environments in poor soils.

3. Biostimulants™ Tai Jian No.3 is a microalgae-biostimulants for crops. The features of this product which is conditioning crop temperature tolerance, improve crop ecosystem, suppress pest infestation and help tissue repair.

YoHoo Co., Ltd.

YoHoo Skin-Love Herbal Soothing Cream (for Pet)
GS YoHoo Glucostead capsule
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Regional distributors and regional agents
2. ODM
3. Distribution location cooperation