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AcadeMab Biomedical Co., Ltd.

AcadeMab Biomedical Co., Ltd., team members specialize in protein drugs, especially anti-cancer antibody drug development platforms and technologies. Our company can independently develop antibodies or provide high-quality, competitive products required by domestic and foreign protein-drug and antibody development companies. Our goal is to become a world-class new antibody drug research and development company. The foundation of AcadeMab Biomedical is its antibody development technology platforms, which include a phage-display fully human antibody library and human antibody-producing transgenic mice. These platforms can be applied to develop antibody products and optimize antibody drugs, including both novel and humanized antibodies. Among the antibody products that we have developed, our humanized anti-EpCAM antibody (hEpAb2-6) shows excellent anti-tumor potential and is well-positioned in terms of worldwide patent protections. The target of this drug, EpCAM, is highly expressed on the surface of solid tumor cells. Importantly, the hEpAb2-6 product is the only anti-EpCAM antibody in the world able to directly induce apoptosis in cancer cells.

Academia Sinica

The exhibition of the Academia Sinica (AS) and National Biotechnology Research Park(NBRP) includes various technical patents and technology transfer contents in AS and various customized service platforms of NBRP, like Taiwan Mouse Clinics, high-end biochemical instruments, Drug synthesis, human therapeutic antibody research and development platform, Taiwan Human Biodatabase, RNA technology platform and gene manipulation, antibody production, drug analysis equipment, etc. There will be also showing R&D technologies and achievements of the manufacturers stationed in the NBRP.

Academia Sinica/National Biotechnology Research Park

Biotechnology is a knowledge-intensive industry that requires coordination of human resources, technology, domestic and international law, and capital. When these components are effectively managed and integrated, long-term research endeavors may produce products with high economic value. To stimulate and promote valuable and effective biotechnology research, Academia Sinica, in concordance with governmental development policy, has constructed the National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) in Nangang, Taipei; opened in October 2018.


New healthcare supplements, New technology for clinical pathology, New drug development

Analytik Jena

Songle Cell Droplet System, Real Time PCR, SERS Raman System, Ultra-micro DNA/RNA/Protien Analyzer, Dolomite microfluidic vaccine and biopharmaceuticals R&D system

Bio Preventive Medicine Corp.

DNlite-IVD103 is the first kit that precisely manages DKD. DNlite-IVD103 can effectively predict the kidney condition of a diabetes patient over the 1-2 years that follow. If a risk of progressive Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) decline is detected, patients can be recommended to start proper treatment earlier, and seize a critical window for clinical action and even recovery. Prediction of decline or kidney complications will drastically improve the DKD patient’s quality of care. DNlite-IVD103 requires fewer steps and shorter processing times, even for high-throughput samples. It effectively overcomes time-consuming and costly obstacles of current advanced biomarker diagnosis that are often detected by proteomics technology, and it also alleviates the concern of low sensitivity in predicting renal function loss found in traditional diagnostic methods (UACR & eGFR). The flexibility of DNlite-IVD103 allows for onsite testing in regular hospitals and diagnostic centers. For more information, please refer to BPM official website: http://www.bpmbiotech.com/

BioVanguard Co., LTD

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"BioVanguard\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Ostomy Bag Cleaning Tool

Development Center for Biotechnology

The Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) was established as a nonprofit research institution in 1984 using funds provided by the public and private sectors. We focus on preclinical development and translational medicine research, and play a vital role in drug commercialization to drive the development of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.

The DCB develops new drugs either independently or collaboratively with academia and industry. To date, the DCB has obtained over 10 investigational New Drug application approvals and has successfully transferred to industry through licensing.

DCB Technology Promotion
 Biologics
 Pharmaceutics
 ADC(Antibody-Drug Conjugate)
 https://www.dcb.org.tw/posts/796

EirGenix Inc.

EirGenix has core capacity in process development and manufacturing, producing biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP, and has 7 products undergoing development. EirGenix has two main business:

1. Contract Development & Manufacturing Operation
EirGenix produces microbial and mammalian cell based biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP from cell line development to drug substance, and provides process development and quality control (QC) analysis for products.

 Cell Line Development & Cell Banking Service:
 Contract Development & Manufacturing Service:
 Contract Research (CRO) & QC analysis Service:
 Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) service: Partnering with Formosa Laboratories, Ltd.

2. Product Development & Operations
 Trastuzumab Biosimilar (EG12014/EGI014): treats HER2 gene variance cancer. It is undergoing global phase III clinical trial.
 Pertuzumab Biosimilar (EG1206A): treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
 New Formulation (EG13074): treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
 Antibody-Drug Conjugate (TSY0110(EG12043): treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
 Bevacizumab Biosimilar (EG12021): inhibits cancer by anti-angiogenesis.
 CRM197 Carrier Protein (EG74032): can be used for vaccination.
 Biosimilar (EG62054)

Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd.

Gwo Xi Company was founded in 2004. We are developing stem cell therapies that have the potential to transform the lives of people with degeneration diseases and rare diseases. Our production platform is fully compliant with medical regulations (GTP). We have 3 clinical trials are going in Taiwan by now. In future, we will have established the PIC/S GMP grade stem cell preparation factory (15,225 m2 built-out space) in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park in Taiwan to put stem cell-based medicinal products into practice. Progressively, we are committed to continuously develop stem cell therapy technologies and capabilities that have broad potential of commercial applications.