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A. R. Medicom Inc. (Taiwan) Ltd.

The Medicom Group is a global healthcare company dedicated to enhancing, manufacturing, and distributing infection control, single-use, and preventive products.

In light of COVID-19 global pandemic, Medicom would like to showcase our infection control range of products and wish every party to join force to overcome this pandemic safely.

Products displayed:
- Medical face masks (Adults, Kids, Earloop and Tie-on Masks)
- Gloves (Latex, Nitrile Examinaion Gloves)
- Sterilization products (Self-sealing pouches; reels; Tyvek)
- Apparel (Isolation gowns)
- Cleaning and disinfection series

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

1. Medical textiles: surgical gowns and hand-washing cloths, cloths, cave towels and various medical consumables in accordance with EN 13795.
2. Dust-free textiles: Provides all grades of clean textiles in the biotechnology pharmaceutical industry. The product range includes dust-free coat shoes, dust-free accessories and various clean room cleaning products.
3. Innovative intelligent medical care products: Innovative smart care products that combine temperature control and electrotherapy functions, intelligent heat control with temperature control, positioning and fall detection function; innovative products such as temperature-controlled intelligent eye mask and smart mask
Invite you to experience AFC\'s professional R&D capabilities, comprehensive medical-grade test equipment and rigorous testing and management capabilities.

Axel Biotechnology Inc.

iSafe Aqua Electrolyzed water(50ppm ±10%) (Hypochlorous acid water)
iSafe Aqua Electrolyzed water(200ppm ±10%)(Hypochlorous acid water)
iSafe Aqua Electrolyzed Hypochlorous acid water generation machine
Oleya Ozone Faucet

Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

:dc Microparticle Syopper Mask Washable PM2.5 mask
:dc Smog Stopper - PM2.5 Mask for Window
:dc Dustmite Out- Pillow protector


Considering the rising awareness and requirements on public health , epidemic prevention and food hygiene, Dai Syko company produce a product with powerful sterilization and low stimulating and less corrosive from profession team of U.S.A and Japan in 1998, and this product named Clean Good .
Clean Good is multifunctional antimicrobial to perform distinctive benefits such as to prolong shelf life of vegetable and fruit, water treatment, deodorant, housing cleaning and disinfectant, epidemic prevention etc…,
Why choose Clean Good?
1.Passed 33 rigorous tests, including: toxicity testing in animals, skin
irritation testing, antimicrobial effectiveness testing, lead testing,
arsenic testing, methanol testing, preservatives testing, chemical
residues testing and plasticizers testing.
2. Powerful disinfects and multifunctional usage to prevent all kinds of
food born, air borne and water borne disease, including mold
control , eliminate odor, and repels ants, compliment of daily life to
keep house clean and family healthy.
3.Certified by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry with
SNQ Symbol of Epidemic Prevention, the antimicrobial formula has
also won the “National Innovation Award” in the food and
biotechnology category.
4.Expertise in food safety for 22 years; strict compliance with GHP
standards. From food hygiene to household disinfection, the Clean
Good products can satisfy all your needs.
5.SGS Antimicrobial Effectiveness>99.9%. including
E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Safe and
effective for household cleaning and suitable for all ages.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Collaboration: distributor for drugstore, pharmacy, pet store, long term care center and CVS
2. overseas agent: Southeast Asian Countries , Europe, USA.


DEREKDUCK launched its own protective clothing brand ULTITEC in 2008 with the brand slogan “Act without fear!”. This is to commend frontline heroes as they are the ones dealing with toxic dust or liquid hazards, and ULTITEC can be their occupational safety shield in preventing workplace disasters.

ULTITEC is made of words “ULTIMATE” and “PROTECTION”, as our intention is to make sure frontline operators get appropriate protection even though exposed to a dangerous environment and get home safely after mission completed.

"With CE certification, high quality, reasonable price"

With nearly 30 years' experience in the nonwoven industry, our quality assurance system is certified by SGS and meets the requirement of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (Module D). ULTITEC, manufactured under the rigorous quality standard, strictly follows the European Norm specified in Category III of the regulation for chemical protective clothing, and DEREKDUCK is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution Channel: Protective Clothing Distributors, Importers, Agents, and Dealers.

Fan Hua Tech., Inc.

AquaEscort Potential Disinfectant Generator
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Domestic and foreign distribution agent
2. Flexible product customization

First Biotechnology Ind.

1. AntiViria protective spray:
Spray on your fingertips and apply to nose, around under-eye bags, body parts, etc., home doorknob, inside of mask. When traveling for business, spray on your hands, mobile phone...etc every 1-2 hours.
(Keeping hands really clean is the best protection. Rapid disinfection.)

2. children protection spray:
Spray on children's hands before and after meals and games...etc.
(Take care of your baby's skin. Prevent enterovirus. Prevent influenza. Prevent illness from entering the mouth.)

3. Feminine Hygiene spray:
During menstrual period, after having sex, during pregnancy/breastfeeding, after going to the toilet, after swimming... etc.
(The best care helper for women's private parts, which can quickly decompose odors, keep fresh, care for hair, maintain private skin soft and elastic, maintain skin moisturizing and whitening, and remove melanin precipitation. Improve skin's protection against environmental damage. Can be used at any time.)

Friendly-life Co.

Ozone is one of the most potent, broad-spectrum disinfectant on the planet. However, most commercial ozone generators may produce harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides when producing ozone. Thus it's hard for consumers to apply ozone to their daily lives.

Our products use electrolysis to generator ozone water directly from tap water without creating any harmful substance or pollution. The ozone water made by our products has 99.9% disinfect efficiency, no skin-irritation, and can easily apply to various daily situations. Our products are the most natural, safe, handy, and potent solutions for personal, home disinfecting, cleaning, and deodorizing use.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Domestic and foreign distributors/agents
2. Denture cleaning, orthodontics, periodontal-care related business
3. Veterinarian, pet grooming, pet accommodation related business

Full Men Fabric Co., Ltd.

1. Non-Woven fabrics for application of Gauze, Alcohol pad, Isolated gown, Protectoive clothing, Sanitary napkin, Diaper
2. Non-Woven fabrics for Medical/ Surgical Masks
3. Anti-bacterial wet wipes
4. Medical/ Surgical/ N95 Masks
5. Facial mask