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ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Collagen Matrix/Collagen Bone Graft/Collagen Dental Bone Graft/Collagen Membrane/Collagen Ophthalmic Matrix/Collagen Cartilage Graft/Collagen Dermal Filler/Scar Spray/Scar Gel/Scar Care Dressing/External Aesthetic Restoration Prothesis/Miracle Spring Soothing Spray/ ACRODERM Skin Care Series
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Patents/ products/ Technology Transfer
2. R & D cooperation and Investment Cooperation
3. CRO/CMO/CDMO/ODM/OEM Consignment service


Clinical/ Diagnostic/ Surgical Medical Monitors
(19" | 21.5" | 21.3" | 27")

AcuSense BioMedical Technology Corp

Acusense Biomedical was founded in 2017, with a focus on development of medical devices and the core proposition to make medical environment safer. Sensing the rising need in patient safety, risk management of hospital, and increasing number of hemodialysis patients, we cut in the market with intradialytic blood leakage alarm , and become the first company in Taiwan with the core technology to detect blood leakage caused by slipping needle.

Our first developing product-\\\"Blood Leakage Detecting Patch\\\", aims the trend of smart care and home hemodialysis. And it follows the requirements of IEC/PAS 63023 to communicate with the interface of hemodialysis machine in corresponding protocol, greatly lowering the clinical risk and the number of unnecessary medical disputes.

Second product-\\\"Re-Minder Smart Tourniquet\\\, a buzzer warning smart tourniquet; it is suitable for inpatient ward injections, blood draws, home, personal hemodialysis hemostatic scenarios, used to remind the user of when to remove the tourniquet, and has Waterproof and dustproof, easy to use and other related features.

The third product "Hemera"-an optical sensor leakage detection device, uses multi-band optical sensing technology to accurately detect leakage signals under the skin, which can solve chemotherapy leakage and acute and severe infusion.


Vein Visualizer(血管顯像儀),Medical Mask(醫用口罩), Medical Protective Clothing(防護衣)。

aetherAI Co., Ltd

AI-Powered Digital Pathology Workflow System, AI-Powered Diagnostic Support Applications

Aiphas. Co.

Aipha-Eye, Thermal sensing System combining with AI tech
- Contact-free, no need to clean, low wear rate
- 24/7 monitoring, notify the abnormal proactively

Aipha-Call, Plug-and-play, IP-based nurse call
- Plug-and-play, upgrade wards in a snap
- Linphone-set, easy to find primary nurse

Aipha-Board, Smart dashboard built-in a nursing station
- Flexibly integrates with IoT, HIS, and NIS
- Patient data & admin process on 1 board


Dental Implant System

Amphenol LTW Technology Co., Ltd.

Waterproof Connector for Medical

Ann Tong Ind. Co., Ltd.

Injection Molding machine
Injection Molding Machine for LIM


Established in 1997,we are the pioneer in biosensing technology and are the first in Taiwan to receive both FDA and CE approval for our blood glucose monitoring system.Our products are sold to over 80 countries worldwide,solidifying our position as a leading provider of biosensor-based blood glucose monitoring systems for diabetes care.