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E-Champ Medical Cosmetology Group

Aesthetic Medicine Pioneer! Dr. Cheng-Kun Wang founded the E-Champ Aesthetic Medicine Group and published book “Medical Cosmetology and Skin Care” in 1997. He was former president of Laser and Photonics Medicine Society of Taiwan.
1. Aesthetic Medicine Training & Curriculum Mapping
2. Brand Management & Marketing Strategy
3. Chain Aesthetic Clinic Administration
4. Aesthetic Medicine Skin Care Product

E-Da Hospital/ I-Shou University

Medical surgery, cell therapy, medical artificial intelligence


massager,Wrist ball, Compression stockings,Windless leaf filter


E-Sun Technology Co., Ltd. had founded on July 1st, 1996. E-Sun imported the air purifier from USA in the begining and had started to develop self brand (E-Sun) professtional air purifier for Taiwan market since 2002. There has several series which for medical, commercial and residencial demand. The medical series air purifier had GMP certification by Taiwan FDA. All the series air purifier had also had the BSMI certification. E-Sun had been a leading brand of professional air purifier in Taiwan now.

EBM Technologies

EBM Technologies is a leading total solution provider of medical imaging systems, specialized in picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and systems for Personal Health Record (PHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). More than 3,500 hospitals being installed with our PACS across regions of Asia, North America, and soon to the Middle East. To meet the ever-evolving market demand, our focus has shifted towards to mobile medical applications and AI integration solutions.

At 2020 Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo, we’ll be showcasing the following products/solutions and more.

Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment (UDE): Running on iOS-based tablet, UDE App converts a regular iPad Pro into a compact, standalone DICOM viewer, display and server.

Family Health Record (FHR): FHR App is a disc-less imaging solution designed for the general public as an alternative to burning CDs when applying for hospital-to-hospital transfers.

MobiHIS: The app integrates multiple systems across a hospital to provide medical professionals the full access to patient clinical data/record, saving much time on paperwork organization while fulfilling practices of filmless and paperless healthcare environment.

EBM AI Workflow: It’s a software running on our in-house designed DICOM viewer for seamless data annotation, training, advanced visualization and deployment of Ai-based medical imaging applications.

XAnnotation: Data preparation for AI training model can be time consuming. To enhance efficiency and user experience, we’ve developed this medical image annotation app, making iPad become a convenient annotation tool.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. International Agents/Distributors
2. Modality Vendors
3. Hospitals/Healthcare Providers

EfoodConsult - Etheclo, Flanders/Belgium Pavilion

Thermo Controlled Logistics for Hospitals, Pharma and Biomedicine.

Etheclobox with its built-in temperature sensor and easy to consult cloud platform. Useful from hospital to patients, from producers to pharmacies and from pharmacies to patients. Already used by hospitals in the UK and other countries.
More information: https://www.etheclo.com/

EirGenix Inc.

EirGenix has core capacity in process development and manufacturing, producing biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP, and has 7 products undergoing development. EirGenix has two main business:

1. Contract Development & Manufacturing Operation
EirGenix produces microbial and mammalian cell based biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP from cell line development to drug substance, and provides process development and quality control (QC) analysis for products.

 Cell Line Development & Cell Banking Service:
 Contract Development & Manufacturing Service:
 Contract Research (CRO) & QC analysis Service:
 Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) service: Partnering with Formosa Laboratories, Ltd.

2. Product Development & Operations
 Trastuzumab Biosimilar (EG12014/EGI014): treats HER2 gene variance cancer. It is undergoing global phase III clinical trial.
 Pertuzumab Biosimilar (EG1206A): treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
 New Formulation (EG13074): treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
 Antibody-Drug Conjugate (TSY0110(EG12043): treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
 Bevacizumab Biosimilar (EG12021): inhibits cancer by anti-angiogenesis.
 CRM197 Carrier Protein (EG74032): can be used for vaccination.
 Biosimilar (EG62054)

En Chu Kong Hospital

With the wave of AI medical application is sweeping all over the globe, En Chu Kong hospital actively adopted intelligent technology by implementing AI systems such as operating theater, maternity nursing system, smart hemodialysis, ICD-10-CM recommendation, voice AI medical assistant and tele-wound care management. We hope to establish a people oriented hospital with innovation and intelligence.
The intelligent ward equipping with bedside terminal was launched successfully in En Chu Kong Hospital. The bedside terminal is connected with nursing information system and all information can be uploaded to the nursing station dashboard automatically. It can not only increase clinical working efficiency, but also help patients get status update timely.
Regarding to the spotlight of artificial intelligent application, we are the pioneer in Taiwan to implement applications into clinical. First of all, the voice AI medical assistant is like the SIRI helper in terms of nurses. Nurses can record daily operation by oral speaking and avoid direct contact during recording. Nurses can spend more time to focus on patient care and decrease the error by hand-writing.
Second, ICD-10-CM recommendation system is the best tool to support physicians correctly spots the entry request to suggest the closet classification. It can provide physicians make clinical decision accurately and meanwhile, achieve precise medical care.
Moreover, as for the tele-wound care system, this system can provide consulting service allowing residents in remote area or the elderly people to receive good care as well.

Energy Resources International Co. Ltd, HsinChu branch

1. Handheld Dental X ray machine ( CNT X ray source )
* Battery-powered design
* Compact, portable
* Low radiation dosage, low radiation leakage
* High image quality
* Backscatter shield provied to prevent operator from radiation

2. Handheld X ray machine for general purpose ( CNT X ray source )
* Automatic SID measurement
* Indication for extremities and chest images application
* Easy operation for Handheld / Mounted / Stand mode
* Easy cleaning in Pandemic

3. X ray sources for brachytherapy (IORT) (CNT X ray source)
* Less malfunction rate than Tungsten X ray source
* Reduction of massive body size of equipment
* Accurate dosage distribution

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Technology Authorization and Cooperation, OEM/ ODM, Product Desing, Product distribution

Enosim Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

Compared with the traditional gas sensing method, artificial olfaction does not use a single sensor, instead of using multiple senses to classify a gas. The sensors are combined into an array for odor recognition, and each of the different combinations represents a different odor. Furthermore, compared with traditional gas analysis instruments, such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), the artificial olfaction is easier to operate and easy to miniaturize.
Enosim SEXTANT is the first experimental artificial olfaction platform. With the self-development software, SEXTANT has the ability to quickly evaluate the feasibility of new application, then product optimization in a short time to reduce the time to market.