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FaceHeart Inc.

The intelligent epidemic prevention of body temperature and heart rate monitoring system is a health monitoring solution that helps central units/ schools/ enterprises/factories to manage quarantine/ quarantine people at home or employees and students.

Utilizing computer vision and AI technology, including face recognition, contactless body temperature, contactless physiological information measurement, GPS positioning, and other functions, it can effectively manage whether the user is actually at home and contactless to detect the user\\\'s body temperature and vital sign and see if there are doubts about health and safety of these people.

The central units/ enterprises/ schools/ factories can keep track of the physical conditions and whereabouts of employees and students at any time, and give appropriate warnings under abnormal circumstances.

Fan Hua Tech., Inc.

AquaEscort Potential Disinfectant Generator
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Domestic and foreign distribution agent
2. Flexible product customization

Far East Medical Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

AI Case Intelligent Healthcare Platform
Remote Diagnosis System


5G smart medical related applications

Fecula Biotech Co., Ltd.

Fecula Biotech Corporation (FBC) was founded in February of 2019 by four co-founders specializing in various fields of business development, research and development (R&D), and sales expertise in biotechnology. Our primary mission is to implement evidence-based approach in developing microbiome-based dietary supplements with a secondary mission to facilitate new discoveries on microbiome-related adjuvant therapy for cancer patients during their cancer treatments.
Our team has established a banana resistant starch-based encapsulation platform, named EncapTa, for delivering large number of beneficial bacterial or bioactive materials successfully to the gastrointestinal tract. The EncapTa is a powerful technique for pharmaceuticals and supplements application. Gene-Young vegan probiotics capsules are made by EncapTa platform. It is a dietary supplement for improving the activity of commensal microbiota, digestive system, and metabolic function. Calcium Boost chewable tablets use Fish hydroxyapatite plus Fish collagen and Banana resistant starch to promote synergistic effects on intestinal Ca2+ absorption and balance.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Application of banana resistant starch-based bacteria encapsulation technique (EncapTa) in cancer adjuvant therapy and dietary supplements developmen
2. Gene-Young capsules is a dietary supplement for improving the activity of commensal microbiota, digestive system, and metabolic function.
3. Development of microbiota-targeted therapies, dietary supplement distributors, raw materials and semi-finished products supplier, OEM and ODM

Feng Chi biotech company

accurate medication with diagnosis

1. Biomarker diagnosis of cancer and target therapy
 Lung cancer EGFR mutation detection (tissue, liquid biopsy)
 Colorectal cancer All RAS mutation detection (tissue)
 Breast cancer PIK3CA mutation detection (tissue)
 Comprehensive detection of gene fusion target drug group (organization)
 Comprehensive detection of blood cancer gene fusion and mutation
 Sarcoma genome testing
 Highly sensitive detection of minimal residual disease in tumor liquid biopsy

2. Antibiotic resistance diagnosis
 NG-Test MCR-1: NG-Test MCR-1 is a qualitative rapid immunoassay for the detection of the MCR-1 enzyme in a bacterial colony obtained from culture.
 NG-Test CARBA 5: an in vitro rapid and visual multiplex immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection and differentiation of five common carbapenemases (KPC, OXA-48-like, VIM, IMP and NDM) from carbapenem non-susceptible pure bacterial colonies.
 NG-Test CTX-M MULTI: NG-Test CTX-M MULTI is a qualitative rapid immunoassay for the detection of CTX-M groups 1, 2, 8, 9 and 25 in a bacterial colony obtained from culture.

First Biotechnology Ind.

1. AntiViria protective spray:
Spray on your fingertips and apply to nose, around under-eye bags, body parts, etc., home doorknob, inside of mask. When traveling for business, spray on your hands, mobile phone...etc every 1-2 hours.
(Keeping hands really clean is the best protection. Rapid disinfection.)

2. children protection spray:
Spray on children's hands before and after meals and games...etc.
(Take care of your baby's skin. Prevent enterovirus. Prevent influenza. Prevent illness from entering the mouth.)

3. Feminine Hygiene spray:
During menstrual period, after having sex, during pregnancy/breastfeeding, after going to the toilet, after swimming... etc.
(The best care helper for women's private parts, which can quickly decompose odors, keep fresh, care for hair, maintain private skin soft and elastic, maintain skin moisturizing and whitening, and remove melanin precipitation. Improve skin's protection against environmental damage. Can be used at any time.)

Flanders Investment and Trade, Belgian Office Taipei

Thanks to fertile cross-pollination between biotech, medtech, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Belgium and Flanders the northern Region of Belgium rank:
#1 for clinical trial procedure speed
#1 for biotech market capitalization
#2 for clinical trial applications per capita
#3 for pharma and biotech patent applications per capita
#3 for number (bio)pharma researchers per capita

Fooyin University

I. 4D Gut Precision Medicine Platform
Gut microbiota database including more than 10,000 data of normal Taiwanese people, standard collection and operation procedures, completed combination of blood test data, genes, gut microbiota, and data tracking at different time points have been well established; at least 30 kinds or more disease risk assessment models with corresponding nutritional solutions have been also included. It can be applied to personalized gut precision medicine, precise nutrition, development of concomitant diagnostic kits and FMT tracking.
Customized single/numeral gut flora detection were be provided. Rapid measuring of relative quantity of specific bacteria was done by qPCR technique, which reports output could be directly corresponded to NGS Gut microbiota database.

II. Personalized Genetic Testing Platform
Customized genetic polymorphism testing services can be used for risk assessments of early child treatment, chronic disease management, cancer, aging and metabolic diseases.

III. Healthy Food and Certification Platform
Animal room, next-generation sequencer, biochemical analysis equipment, blood analysis equipment, component analysis equipment, and immunohistochemistry have been well established, which can be used for health food stability, function, animal intestinal flora and efficacy testing services.

IV. Composited Probiotic Fermentation Platform
Techniques of screening, isolating, culturing, fermenting, embedding, and preserving specific probiotics were be possessed. It provides possible solutions for personalized disease assessments and microbial extraction product development.

V. Commercial Microbiota Analysis Platform
Analyzing of the microflora composition of feces, saliva, bronchial flushing fluid, skin, tissues, environment, pets, and scientific research animals can be done. The complete NGS-based microbiota analysis process, such as preservation solution development, delivery conditions, standard operating procedures, quality control system, data analysis and customized report, has been developed, providing various sample inspection and scientific data analysis and manuscript submission services.

Foresee Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

【FP-025:Potential Treatment of COVID-19-Induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome】
FP-025 is a highly selective small molecule inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinase-12/Macrophage elastase (MMP-12), was shown to have effects in preclinical inflammation and fibrosis models of the lung, making it a promising treatment for inflammatory airway diseases. FP-025 is currently in a P1b/2a proof-of-concept (PoC) study in allergic asthmatic patients challenged with an allergen (house dust mite).
Severe COVID-19 caused inflammation of the lungs may cause pulmonary fibrosis. Foresee Pharma plans to enter phase II clinical study being developed for the treatment of COVID-19 triggered ARDS and pulmonary fibrosis, after IND pre-meeting with FDA in Q4 2020.
FP-025 will be the first-in-class medicine of MMP-12 inhibitor, for the treatment of ARDS once obtained the NDA approval.