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MacKay Medical Foundation The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan MacKay Memorial Hospital

1.Chiun Mai Communication systems (CMCC)
2.Smart Patient Information System
3.The Integration of AR Glasses and Endotracheal Intubation
4.Insights from the implementation of the EasyDoctor physiological measurement system
6.Smart Patient bed information terminal
7.Nursing information and patient caring system
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Supplementary instruments for intubation in
2. Smart hospital application, Emergency patient information system , Smart Patient bed information terminal, Nursing information
3. The goal is to apply this partnership model to other healthcare facilities or community health management organizations to promote

Mag. Biotech Trading CO.,LTD

1. PAPIMI Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Apparatus (PAPIMI) PAPIMI Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Apparatus increases the voltage of cells, removes accumulated wastes in sick cells, and makes drugs more easily absorbed by cells. Maintain the overall health of the human body. It is widely used worldwide in the field of sports and rehabilitation medicine, as well as in the treatment of neurological diseases, cancer and chronic infections. Bobimi's electromagnetic pulse physiotherapy instrument is the first instrument to use ion induction. It was developed by the Greek mathematician Dr. Panos T. Pappas and was patented in the United States (1993) and Europe (2001).
2. Klein field permanent magnetic field products (line body strong magnetic mattress, line body strong magnetic insole...) Klein field permanent magnetic field is a special permanent magnetic pole change pad, which can penetrate the skin, It acts directly on the blood. There is no need to plug in or use batteries, but use natural bodily functions, which is blood circulation. Its principle is similar to a bicycle generator. The bicycle generator uses the rotation of the wheels to power the lights, and the permanent magnetic field of the Klein field transfers considerable energy into the blood with the help of blood circulation.


Employing matured XR technology, computer vision, 5G, 3D real-time interactive, and visualization of full-body avatar, MagicLOHAS achieves a healthy life that is not limited by time and place. We offer a variety of applications from meditation, body training, brain training, and more, to bring new lifestyles of health and sustainability to the mass market through virtual reality.


【Makalot Textile-based Smart Healthcare Solution】

Makalot Smart Healthcare Clothing is a textile-based smart telemedicine solution, including bio-sensing clothes and a portable tracking sensor.
The detected bio-sensing data, like heart rate, calories, breathe rate, steps, physical fatigue and mental stress, will be collected and uploaded to cloud database, and then delivered to monitoring system. Specialists can easily view these data on visualized interface to get sufficient information of how the user behave periodically.
The total service consists of bio-sensing detection, data storage and monitoring system, and we believed that it would become a great support for health promotion.

Mascot New Technology Co., Ltd.

Protective clothing
Inner Mask

Mass Casualty Incident Management Simulation System

In order to reduce the huge loss of life and property caused by disasters, it depends on the daily disaster drills. The three components of virtual reality technology (1) immersion (2) interaction (3) imagination, introduced into the field of disaster medicine training education. This design is different from other game software. In this software, the voice recognition technology is innovatively added, and the system operator can use the voice mode to control the process by voice. Through the establishment of this system, it can simulate a large number of disaster scenes of disasters. Users can simulate the person in charge of the command. They can use the free angle of view to watch the whole scenes, so as to cultivate command personnel of the mass casualty incident and effectively reduce casualties.

Maxima Biotech Inc.

Combining the strength in healthcare, manufacturing and talent in Taiwan, Maxima Biotech Inc. provides high quality and cost effective medical OEM/ODM, from small batch to mass production with one stop vertical integration. Our team has profound experiences in various products ranging from trocar, grasper, monopolar scissors to surgical robot.

Medical ARVR International Innovative Service Alliance, Medical Device Innovation Centre, National C

something related to Medical ARVR International Innovative Service Alliance

MEDICAL MATTRESS CARE, Flanders/ Belgium Pavilion

Medical Mattress Care( MMC) is a production company for Medical Mattresses, position accessories, pillows, quilts and washable protection gowns for the medical application. MMC can provide a total concept for every room and every budget.
the increasing need for an healthy restorative sleep, the pursuit of an allergy-free sleep environment and the greater attention being paid to the needs of an aging population form the basis the MMC concept.
we are the worldwide distributor also for Normobaric Chambers; increasing body oxygenation, increase the production of stem cells,reducing inflamation,...
all foam mattresses with pu covers, positioning cushions, quilts, pillows with Pu-cover an visco, postioning polystyrene accesories, babyproducts, pressure reliefing cushions,...
Normobaric chambers

MedicalTek Co.,Ltd.

About MedicalTek Co., Ltd.
MedicalTek Co., Ltd. (MDTK) devotes to develop and manufacture imaging system for medical used in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). The company is located at Taichung Central Taiwan Science Park, to connect with high-tech companies in central of Taiwan and has the good research relationship with IRCAD/AITS in Changhua Taiwan, the biggest MIS training center in Asia.
The goal of MedicalTek is to provide more clear and accurate images for surgeons; to develop the products that can be closer to the needs of surgeons. MDTK breaks through the status and keeps growing to provide high quality products and services.

MedicalTek Co.,Ltd. Darwin 3D Endoscopic Visualization system
At the heart of Darwin is converting 2D endoscope images into 3D images, which are compatible with 2D endoscope systems on the market to reduce the cost of hardware upgrades.
The Darwin includes adjustment settings for stereoscopic parameters. The adjustment of the stereo parameters is divided into five stages allowing surgeons to perform surgery in the most comfortable state.
IRCAD France's research team led by Professor Marescaux surveyed 60 surgeons using Darwin and existing 2D endoscopy systems for comparison and found Darwin significantly helps surgeons to save 20% to 30% of time in specific minimally invasive surgical procedures.