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Panion & BF Biotech Inc.


Parktron Technology Co., Ltd.

Brand-new Hospital auto-pay kiosk

◎ Intuitional user interface – High readability & sensitive touch screen / Voice-Guiding UI with LED-lighting to guide the customers smoothly through the entire payment process.

◎ Disabled-friendly design / Easily get money change back without bending-over / External foldable table and hook for Handbag with convenience / Anti-bacteria powder coating surface.

◎ Multiple Payment: It supports Cash / Credit Card / Electronic Ticket( ex. EasyCard / iPASS…etc. ) / Mobile Payment( ex. Apple Pay/ Google Pay…etc.) to hugely shorten the payment processing duration.

◎ High-Speed and Accurate Cash Recognition, the original banknote will be returned to avoid the possibility of money laundering if the deal be canceled.

◎ Innovation of cash management for daily settlement, based on total transaction amount, which results in enormously simplifying and clarifying the cash management operation.

◎ Much Less effort on money replenishment by cash recycling/ Patented intelligent settlement function allows the payment machine to operate 24/7.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Hospital / Medical institution that needs to automation machine to reduce counter labor.
People who need to cash handling and 24 hours of operation.
2. Banks, payment gateway providers, and cash flow service providers to help customers improve the efficiency of cash management.
3. System integrator, assisting in integrating various automation needs of medical institutions.

Peer Giant System Inc.

Topic: Non-contact Millimeter-Wave radar detection for breathing and heartbeat
Summary: The problem of social population aging has become more and more serious. We developed a non-contact breathing and heartbeat detection system, in order to solve the problem of manpower shortage in long-term care. The system uses MMwave radar as sensors to detect tiny signal characteristic. Based on the collected data and trained AI networks, breath, heartbeat and other vital signs are successfully detected.

Pharmaessentia Corp.

(1) Besremi (RopegInterferon alfa-2b)
(2) Oraxol
(3) KX01

Pingtung Christian Hospital

mPHR Life, my health ecosystem
mPHR is a cloud platform, building to share holistic healthcare for medical institutions, communities, and enterprises. The ecosystem includes various solutions to provide rapid healthcare infrastructure establishment and development which includes health IoT solution "Health Kiosk" and "HealthGoBox" that contains several compatible mobile apps and wearable devices. The cloud module can be used to create and operate such as case management, tele-consultation, health education, all kind of measure data management, questionnaire and brings you a variety of unique health care service experiences.

PingYeiXing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Pinyeixing medical grade anti-haze sterilization mask

Pishon Biomedical Co., Ltd

Pishon Biomedical Co., Ltd has advanced 3D cell culture technology, which applies this unique patented technology to screening of clinical drugs, the development of new drugs, and the establishment of tumor models and biological databases. In 2016, OncoTreat ® drug screening platform to culture patient derived organoids (PDOs) models of tumor cells from patients through Cellusponge. Based on this model, the sensitivity test of chemotherapy drugs is carried out, and a number of cancer drugs are tested in a short period of time, which provides reference data for clinical drug use. Compared with patient derived xenograft (PDX), PDO was able to use a small number of tests to achieve a culture success rate of more than 95%. Drug sensitivity testing can be completed in as few as 2 weeks, and high-throughput drug screening can significantly reduce patient waiting times and costs, effectively providing clinical treatment options. Enable potential tumor patients to be detected early and provide evaluation of treatment efficacy and post-treatment monitoring and tracking.

Pishon Biomedical expects the best care for patients.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Kit of Organoid Drug Sensitivity Assay for Tumor Chemical Therapy
2. Exclusive Cellulosic sponge patent process: 3D Patient-derived organoids culture


Fully Automatic Transfer Machine
We succeeded in miniaturizing and reducing the cost of fully automatic trransfer machine. The machine has been a better efficiency and practically applicable for clinical purposes in addition to laboratories and pharmaceutical applications. This was achieved with the help of noncontaminable camera and a 6-axis robot arm with 3 fingers.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Seek to establish partnerships in medical institutions and related industries.

Pregetic Medical Health Co., Ltd.

ShareHope Medicine Inc. which is the first company providing integrated medical logistics services in Taiwan. From the very beginning of preventive medicine, health check-up, disease treatment, long-term care, and community health promotion and other medical related peripheral products, we provide a complete package of services. Pregetic Medical Health Co. Ltd is the subsidiary of ShareHope Medicine Inc. Our purpose is to promote the concept of health risk management and Incorporate genetic testing to assess the risk of disease into the human health, and try hard to popularize genetic testing. We need to enhance the importance of preventive medicine.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. develop featured medical center

2. Health Checkup demanders

3. interested in genetic testing

PRESIDENT Honda Chiu,S&T BioMed CO., LTD.

S&T BioMed CO., LTD.