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Sample technologies isolate, stabilize and prepare genomic materials from raw materials such as blood or tissue, soil or water, or forensic “trace” evidence.

Assay technologies make relevant molecules visible and ready for analysis, whether to identify a single pathogen or genetic variation – or to paint an in-depth genomic profile.

Automation systems implement efficient, end-to-end workflows for analysis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), next-generation sequencing (NGS) and other techniques.

Bioinformatics deliver the value from these workflows with user-friendly software and cloud-based resources to interpret data and report actionable insights from vast amounts of complex biological data.

QT Medical INC.

QT Medical is a medical device company that aims to make hospital grade 12-lead electrocardiograms accessible to everyone. Focusing on innovations in the field of telemedicine and home care, we continue to invest in research and development of products that will bring better cardiac care to patients. Our mission is to improve heart health for everyone through superior technology, and we will not stop working until we reach the goal.

QT Medical, Inc.

QT Medical is a medtech company with a focus on high quality 12-lead diagnostic electrocardiogram (ECG) for use by healthcare professionals and patients. Cleared by the FDA, CE marked and TFDA, PCA 500 is the world’s most compact 12-lead ECG system. With its simplicity, ease of use, mobile technology and cloud management, PCA 500 brings hospital-grade ECG to homes, and enables doctors to make informed decisions anywhere, anytime. Powered by computer diagnostics and advanced machine learning, QT Medical will revolutionize cardiac care in the 21st century for millions of patients.

Quanta Computer Inc.

Quanta Computer, a Global Fortune 500 company located in Taiwan, is the world's major ODM (original design manufacturing) company of IT and electronics products. With three decades of successful stories in the high-tech markets, it is dedicated to providing professional design and manufacturing services to top-notched brands worldwide. The QOCA series leverages Quanta's core competences in building highly reliable cloud computing architectures and consumer devices. Quanta is a certified company of ISO 13485 quality system.
Product list:
1.QOCA Smart Device: QOCA ecg101/1201、Wi-Fi Otoscope Pro、Wi-Fi Teeth Scope Pro.
2.QOCA Smart Telemedicine: QOCA Telemedicine、QOCA home.
3.QOCA Smart Ward:Smart Patient Terminal、Smart Bedside Card、Smart Whiteboard.
4.QOCA Smart Hospital: AI Medical Platform

More information: www.QOCA.net