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1. Surgical instrument parts
2. Anti-epidemic robot


1. Alga Amine™ Tai Jian No.1 is a new class of bio-fertilizer that contains algae hydrolyzed proteins, active short chain peptides, 16 kinds of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharide, chlorella growth factor and other organic matters. It makes good absorption and utilization rates, and definitely increased the crop’s quantity and quality.

2. Soil Conditioner™ Tai Jian No.2 containing 6 types of patent plant probiotics; green algae nutrients; and special mineral activator. It makes a good work in physical, chemical, and biological soil environments, as well as improving soil acidification and hardening, at the meanwhile changing the microbial environments in poor soils.

3. Biostimulants™ Tai Jian No.3 is a microalgae-biostimulants for crops. The features of this product which is conditioning crop temperature tolerance, improve crop ecosystem, suppress pest infestation and help tissue repair.

Taicend Technology co,.Ltd

TAICEND Anti-Adhesion Superabsorbent Wound Dressing、TAICEND Scar Care Dressing、TAICEND Liquid Skin Barrier Film。

Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital

1.AI-enabled Interactive Medication Reminder
2.An Automated Optical Inspection System of Rapid Screening Test Pieces
3.Intelligent Rehabilitation System of Sanding

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / Team of Cheng-Hung Lee

【Interlocking Bone Plate System】
The "Interlocking bone plate system" is an interlocking bone plate system includes an outer bone plate for being arranged outside a broken bone, an inner bone plate for being installed inside the medullary cavity of the broken bone, and screws for being inserted through and engaged with the outer bone plate and the broken bone and then engaged with the inner bone plate so as to interlock the out and inner bone plates together. The inner bone plate provides an added support in addition to the support provided by the outer bone plate, enhancing the structural strength of the whole bone fixation structure and lowering the risk of failed surgery.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / Team of Lai-Shiun Lai

【The Drug Distribution Management System with e-Paper Tag】
The Smart E-Paper Label has characteristics of energy-saving, no back light and no heat. Applied to the hospital drug-delivery management systems and patient management systems, it replaces the traditional paper to achieve paperless medical information and reduce the nursing burden. Combining with the wireless connection technology, it improves the medical care quality and providescaregivers and patients an immediate and clear information feedback.
EPD M-Bedside Card: Provide important information such as healthcare notation and special notes, so that medical staff can quickly acquire patient's condition.
EPD Smart Dosing-Box: Integrate prescription and patient healthcare details to update the dispensing information in real time, and improve the accuracy of pharmacists' dispensing.
EPD Intravenous Transfusion NFC Tag: Integrate the intravenous transfusion system and patient barcode information,the e-paper label displays enhance the administration accuracy with displaying the drug name and dosage.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / Team of Man-Yun Lai

【Automatic Ampoule Peel Device】
The second-generation product uses electric drive to achieve the advantages of time-saving and labor-saving. The operation is more user-friendly. It uses light sensors to make judgments and actions. When encountering epidemics or taking care of infectious patients, it can avoid touching , To achieve safety, health, labor saving and time saving.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / Team of Ming-Feng Wu

【Carryable Drip Frame with Intelligent Control and Structural Optimization】
Due to the inconvenience of the conventional intravenous drip frame, the piggyback intravenous drip frame is developed to ensure better mobility of the patient. However, the current design of the drip frame leads to a lack of balance control and increment of blood returning. To this end, the proposed system aims to solve this problem and a fuzzy proportional-integral-derivative control technique is developed to demonstrate the system feasibility. Accordingly, a reliable balanced system can be applied to facilitate patients’ movements and ensure patient safety with compensating the inclination angle of the drip frame such that the reduction of blood returning and the balance control of the piggyback intravenous drip frame can be achieved.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / Team of Ming-Feng Wu

【A Pulmonary Function Predictive Method for Remote Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercise】
Pulmonary rehabilitation includes exercise training, nutrition care and breathing exercise. Studies show that effective pulmonary rehabilitation can improve the quality of life (physiological and psychological) of patients with chest diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial pneumonia, lung cancer, etc.) and reduce the number of days and times of hospitalization. Among the rehabilitation approaches, exercise training plays an extremely important role. We have previously proposed a progressive shuttle walking exercise, walking back and forth along a 10-m corridor with a guidance system for pulmonary rehabilitation. However, users have to carry more accessories, which is inconvenient. In contrast, this new invention provides the patient a wrist-mounted guidance system for walking and breathing exercise, which measures lung function (e.g., Forced vital capacity (FVC), Forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1)), allows users to pervasively perform the rehabilitation, increases the usage frequency and further improves the rehabilitation outcomes.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital / Team of Sheng-Chang Wang

【Nasal Endotracheal Tube Support Device】
As nasotracheal tube connected to ventilator, the connecting tubing and the artificial nose with a weight about 500 grams, which often causes the nasotracheal tube angulation and direct compression to the nasal ala. Nursing staff usually uses soft inflated bags or a small pad to avoid compression. But while patient changing position, the excessive tension still drag the tube against the nose skin.The modified method of nasotracheal tube fixation, namedNasal endotracheal tube support device. The innovation frame used the concepts of Y shape horn as fork. It elevates nasotracheal tube from nose and moving with patients head’s direction without pull tubing, no matter in supine or upright position, the frame support is strong and prevent pressure on alar skin.