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High precision Enzyme dispenser
Full Automation revision function


- Programmable resistance cardiopulmonary rehabilitation training system
- Resistance training system with programmable resistance

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UJ BioMed Co., Ltd.

\\\"High Through Put Automated SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Testing Station\\\"

As COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe and impacted everybody’s life, UJ BioMed collected the experts in the Medical and the Engineering fields, adopting the international recognized Thermo Fisher Scientific’s tooling and kits, integrated with an automated robot system and now lunching a series of High Through Put Automated SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Testing Stations. These new stations inherited several unique advantages:
(1) High Through Put- 2000 up to 8000 real-time qPCR tests in 24 hours.
(2) Automated- minimum manual hands on time and long walk off hours.
(3) Self-contain environment- protect the operator and prevent the contamination.
(4) Continuous Operation- 24-7 none stopping.

This High Through Put Automated SARS-CoV-2 Testing Station works along with (but not limited to) ThermoFisher’s EUA kits, capable of providing large number testing results in short period of time. The stand along and flexible designed station can easily push in a limited space even a mobile lab to join the battle against COVID-19 pandemic, fulfill the needs of epidemic prevention.

Ultimems, Inc.

Retinal imaging device passes a weak thin laser beam through the pupil, by scanning directly on the retina, high-definition images are provided. A system that once collects light at the center of the iris and projects it onto the retina is called "Maxwellian view". By using a thin laser beam, it is hardly affected by individual differences in lens ability.
This provides excellent focus-freeness. That means the way people see is not affected by their visual acuity. The image looks the same whether you look far or near the quality of the image information obtained from the fundus does not change. So, regardless of visual acuity, the ability of the fundus can be evaluated. Vision training is possible without using visual correction. Because a small device can be used directly over the eyeball, widespread use is expected as a space-saving and inexpensive healthcare device.

United Biomedical, Inc., Asia

UB-612 is a proprietary high-precision designer S1-RBD-protein based vaccine developed by UBI/UBIA Group. UB-612 includes a S1-RBD-sFc fusion protein formulated with Th and CTL epitope peptides selected from immunodominant M, S2 and N regions known to bind to human MHC I and II. These Th and CTL peptides are selected based on their predicted binding to human MHC I and II, which would allow for the induction of memory recall and T-cell activation and effector functions. To date, preclinical studies in guinea pigs, rats and mice have shown that UB-612 generated extremely high titers of neutralizing antibodies with S1-RBD:hACE2 inhibition activities, as well as a balanced Th1/Th2 response toward the Th1 polarity. UB-612 is expected not only to be safe but also to induce high titers of neutralizing antibodies and provide T cell memory for a long lasting protection against COVID-19 across all human subjects irrespective of age, sex and ethnicities.

United Orthopedic Corporation

1. The design rationale of the optimized guiding system for hip surgery
2. Surgical guides for hip surgery
3. Hip implants
4. The manufacture of hip implant

Upwards Biosystems, Ltd.

InBody Composition Analyser

Utek International Corporation

Cell Immunotherapy System, Isolator, VHPS generator