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WALSBERGHE (MedicCleanAir®), Flanders/Belgium Pavilion

Improving air quality in high care areas through mobile air purification, creating isolation rooms in negative or positive pressure, and sterile and conditioned air combined for operating theatres. That is the core business of MedicCleanAir®: a perfect solution to upgrade your existing operating theatres, create isolation rooms in negative pressure to isolate infectious patients, protect your immune compromised patients in positive pressure rooms. 22 years of clinically proven track record with highly ranked University Hospitals and with governmental specialists in infection control and epidemiology resulted in very reliable and efficient devices.
15 highly cited publications from Belgium, Germany, UK, France, Italy, .. on the effectiveness of MedicCleanAir® technology proving that MedicCleanAir® is able to reduce the number of infected patients to ZERO. MedicCleanAir® devices play an essential role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
MedicCleanAir® PRO and ISO-devices are able to create negative or positive pressure inside existing patient rooms. Any shortage of isolation rooms in a hospital can be solved within a day work. Pressure difference of 5 to 15 Pascal can be built, including alarm features, and guaranteed air quality of ISO8 – ISO7 or even ISO6 and 5 make hospitals ready for (JCI) accreditation.
Installation time and results: 1 day max. Now you can handle infectious diseases such as the Mexican Flue, SARS, MERS, Tuberculosis or COVID-19. No more discussions about air quality in my department!

Wan Fang Hospital

MoleMe- Skin Mole AI-assisted Risk Determination System


About Us
We are a group of professionals with substantial experience in providing fair value solutions to our customers worldwide. Since being established in 1999, we have gained the respect of hundreds of clients in Taiwan and around the world by holding firmly to our corporate philosophy – professionalism, service, and responsibility.



Well Lands Enterprise Co., LTD.

Wheelchair Seat Cushions & Physiotherapeutic Cushions、Gel Positioners、Pillow & Back Cushions、Foot Aids & Insoles...




Precision medical injection product special equipment, intelligent unmanned medical consumables factory

WhaleTeq Co., LTD

SpO2 level and respiration rate are vitall signs for identifying coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The AECG100 multifunction simulator features outputting ECG and PPG analog signals, combined with WhaleTeq exclusive test parameters. Require only 3 different sets of optical signals to confirm the need for extensive verification of the object to be tested SpO2 R-Curve. In addition, AECG100 can also load and play clinically recorded electrostatic or optical signals. It\\\\\\\'s easier to verify wearable signal processing and algorithm accuracy!

WidePlus International Co., Ltd.

WidePlus International is a vertical fabric mill specializing in synthetic woven fabrics. Based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, we have 500 weaving looms, 30 dye machines and 3 stenter frames. We also have a full lab in both our office and mill.

We focus on performance textiles for the Outdoor, Workwear, Uniform and Medical markets. Our R&D team is always searching for new technologies to bring to market. We only bring new technologies to market when it is truly better, not just new for the sake of new. These technologies will keep the wearer, warmer, cooler, drier or just more comfortable. A few examples are: miniR (reflects sun’s rays back, keeping the wearer cooler and higher UPF rating) and Hydro -Bot (electronically regulates moisture transmission in a garment to stay dry and comfortable)

WidePlus also try to keep each new product as environmentally friendly as possible. We have been a bluesign system partner since 2012, have a GRS certification and Oeko tex certification. We also use Recycled, biodegradable, bio-based and solution dyed yarns, which all tell a sustainable story.

In addition to the range of our inline products we are always interested in working on custom developments to fit our customers needs. At WidePlus we live by our slogan every day
“Create lasting Value”

Win-Z Technology Co., Ltd

Winz has developed the exclusive nanocomposites formula with contain many kind of essential trace elements of the human body . It provides an invisible microbiostatic coating on surfaces to fight against bad bacteria that want to enter the body to cause disease. Thus, it owns 99.99% effective killing of bacteria, germs, organic pollutants and viruses tested by RCEVI, SGS, SuperLab and was certified by the FDA-approved. Winz nanocomposites antibacterial formula can be applied in various antibacterial products, ex: mask, protective clothing, cleaning products.
Winz has already developed the antibacterial series products for mother and baby care.
1. Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Spray
2. Dr.AntiVirus Hand Sanitizer
3. Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Zipper Bag
4. Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Baby Hair & Bath 2in1 Mousse
5. Dr.AntiVirus Baby Bottle&Dishwashing Mousse
6. Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Hand Wash Mousse
7. Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Laundry Detergent
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Patents/ products/ Technology Transfer
2. R & D cooperation and ODM/OEM Consignment service
3. Agent/distributor/channel cooperation