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A.Menarini Singapore Pte. Ltd., Taiwan Branch

Skin related products:
1. Labxiten tablets 20 mg: relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis and chronic urticaria.
2. Atopiclair Cream & Lotion : skin moisturizer, moisturizing, alleviating itching and building skin barrier function.
3. Sebclair Cream : emollient and moisturizing functions.
4. Papulex Oil-free cream & cleansing gel: balance oil, skin care.

Academia Sinica

The exhibition of the Academia Sinica (AS) and National Biotechnology Research Park(NBRP) includes various technical patents and technology transfer contents in AS and various customized service platforms of NBRP, like Taiwan Mouse Clinics, high-end biochemical instruments, Drug synthesis, human therapeutic antibody research and development platform, Taiwan Human Biodatabase, RNA technology platform and gene manipulation, antibody production, drug analysis equipment, etc. There will be also showing R&D technologies and achievements of the manufacturers stationed in the NBRP.

Acer Healthcare Incorporated

Acer has developed the medical and healthcare AI for a while; we will showcase the new products and technologies: VeriSee DR, FaceInfo, Angiography, Behavior and Emotion detection, Telemedicine.


Clinical/ Diagnostic/ Surgical Medical Monitors


Vein Visualizer(血管顯像儀),Medical Mask(醫用口罩), Medical Protective Clothing(防護衣)。


Advantech provide the iward solution and telehealth solution. The intelligent ward allow faster communication of patient's needs to the nursing staff and facilitates an innovative nursing care SOP that improves serve quality as well as patient satisfaction through the system.

Aether Services, Taiwan, Ltd.

Intelligent environmental intervention products and precision health program of allergic respiratory healthcare

aetherAI Co., Ltd

AI-Powered Digital Pathology Workflow System, AI-Powered Diagnostic Support Applications


Our team members include: Center Director Hsin-Hsi Chen, Co-Director Li-Chen Fu, CEO Edward Duh, Associate Executive Officer Po-Yuan Tseng, and project principal investigators and co-principal investigators. The center has more than 130 principal and co-principal investigators, as well as more than 800 graduate students handling the projects.

The steering committee includes: Jhing-Fa Wang, President of Tajen University ; Ann-Shyn Chiang, Academician of Academia Sinica / Dean of the College of Life Sciences of National Tsing Hua University ; Yi-Chin Du, founder of Taiwan AI Labs; Chin-Yew Lin, Principal Investigator of Microsoft Research Asia ; Frank Hung, General Manager of Taiwan Shin Kong Security Co, Ltd. ; Min-Huei Hsu, Technical Supervisor of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of China ; San-Cheng Chang, Chairman of the Taiwan Mobile Foundation ; Chih-Han Yu, co-founder of Appier Interactive Technology ; Guan-Tarn Huang, General Counsel of China Medical University ; Jong-Tsun Huang, Professor of the Biomedical Research Institute, College of Medicine, China Medical University ; and Lee-Feng Chien, Google Chairman and General Manager.

AIntu - AHEAD Medicine

AHEAD Medicine develops AI-based diagnostic and clinical decision tools for blood cancer management. We gathered expertise from hematology, data science, and machine learning for developing tailor-made solutions for the blood cancer diagnosis. We have completed the proof of concept studies and presented them in multiple congresses and peer-review journals. We are asking 2M USD to complete our FDA pre-submission meetings and kick of external validation studies.