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China Medical University Hospital

China Medical University Hospital works in close collaboration with the world’s top universities, medical centers, and research institutes. The remarkable accomplishments of China Medical University have been well recognized by the world: ranks 60th in Asia University Rankings 2019, the first among private universities in Taiwan.
CMU Healthcare System strives for excellence in healthcare. We invest our efforts in developing top-notch medical technologies, such as stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and AI Hospital. Meanwhile, our projects on “Hsinchu International Health Science Park” and the “Shuinan International Health Science Campus” together create an environment for developing cutting edge biomedical research, industry-academia collaboration platforms and startups.
As frontline in central Taiwan, CMUH continues to build on a strong basis for acute and critical disease healthcare. The faculty are committed to permanent objectives of instruction, research, and medical services. Above all, we also put great emphasis on social responsibility. Moreover, we envision to be an “excellent world-class medical center with the best integration of western and Chinese medical” and “world-renowned high-tech biomedical park.”

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital

The core value of our hospital is to treat patients, cure diseases, most of all, to care holistically, based on humanism. The exhibition will feature “dental digital simulation teaching” that allow visitors to experience the most professional oral care from “oral health”, “Fighting dental plaque”, “VR teaching”, “Simodont Dental Trainer”, to “Kobra surgery simulator”. All these interactivities will help people understand oral health.

The exhibition will include health related topics such as thyroid nodules treatment, cell therapy, orthognathic surgery etc. They combined with information technology. Doctors will also directly interact with the general public. There will be an senile assessment area to evaluate their balance training. We also display Combining 3D printing technology to design a hand dynamic orthosis for stroke patients and Multi-layered fitting type adjusting shoe pad in exhibition area. Welcome to experience our latest technologies.

Coretronic Corporation

The Integration of AR Glasses and Endotracheal Intubation:
*Real-time medical information display.
*No need to turn user's neck when performing an intubation.
*Prevent disorientation.
*Help improve learning and gain experience.
*Wearable device can provide a much flexible space.
*Reduce the risk of droplet infection.
Working on the Possibility:
*Better quality of image
*Complete Telemedicine by combining 5G internet.
Look forward to:
*Supplementary instruments for intubation in Anesthesiology.
*Supplementary instruments for endotracheal intubation in first aid situations, such as ambulance.
*Supplementary instruments for Gastroenterology.
*Supplementary instruments for Surgery.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Awaiting Cooperation with Medical Equipment Agent, smart hospital system and so on.
2. *Supplementary instruments for intubation in Anesthesiology.
*Supplementary instruments for endotracheal intubation in first aid situations.
3. *Supplementary instruments for Gastroenterology.
*Supplementary instruments for Surgery.

D8AI Inc.

D8AI is a start-up that provides custom AI solutions for businesses, including chatbots and AI assistants, and AI-related solutions, such as predictive analytics and smart speakers. These services can be deployed in the cloud or on premises and can be linked to various edge devices.

website: www.d8ai.com

1. Patient Education Bot- this bot can reply patients' questions 24/7 and remotely, saving doctors and nurses time and energy during appointments.
2. Shared Decision-Making Bot- the SDM bot not only educates patients on diseases and treatment, but it also surveys patients to assess their understanding of the treatment.
3. Hospital Appointment Booking Bot- deployed on the phone, this bot checks the availability of doctors and helps patients book or cancel their appointments.
4. AI ICD Code Recommendation System-this AI system can analyze medical records and recommend ICD diagnosis codes for medical professionals, greatly reducing the time it takes to label medical records.

Dentway International Dental Group

Founding the first dental hospital of Taiwan
dental material
digital dental lab


MIRACLE THREAD/LELTEK(The best high performance and reliable ultrasound imaging system provider)

Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital

Negative Pressure X-ray chamber

E-Champ Medical Cosmetology Group

Aesthetic Medicine Pioneer! Dr. Cheng-Kun Wang founded the E-Champ Aesthetic Medicine Group and published book “Medical Cosmetology and Skin Care” in 1997. He was former president of Laser and Photonics Medicine Society of Taiwan.
1. Aesthetic Medicine Training & Curriculum Mapping
2. Brand Management & Marketing Strategy
3. Chain Aesthetic Clinic Administration
4. Aesthetic Medicine Skin Care Product

E-Da Hospital/ I-Shou University

Medical surgery, cell therapy, medical artificial intelligence

En Chu Kong Hospital

With the wave of AI medical application is sweeping all over the globe, En Chu Kong hospital actively adopted intelligent technology by implementing AI systems such as operating theater, maternity nursing system, smart hemodialysis, ICD-10-CM recommendation, voice AI medical assistant and tele-wound care management. We hope to establish a people oriented hospital with innovation and intelligence.
The intelligent ward equipping with bedside terminal was launched successfully in En Chu Kong Hospital. The bedside terminal is connected with nursing information system and all information can be uploaded to the nursing station dashboard automatically. It can not only increase clinical working efficiency, but also help patients get status update timely.
Regarding to the spotlight of artificial intelligent application, we are the pioneer in Taiwan to implement applications into clinical. First of all, the voice AI medical assistant is like the SIRI helper in terms of nurses. Nurses can record daily operation by oral speaking and avoid direct contact during recording. Nurses can spend more time to focus on patient care and decrease the error by hand-writing.
Second, ICD-10-CM recommendation system is the best tool to support physicians correctly spots the entry request to suggest the closet classification. It can provide physicians make clinical decision accurately and meanwhile, achieve precise medical care.
Moreover, as for the tele-wound care system, this system can provide consulting service allowing residents in remote area or the elderly people to receive good care as well.